Moving On [47]

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***Before we start...I think I have been calling Amber Von Tussle, Amanda Von Tussle. My mistake. Sorry! Oh and this chapter was really just to show one real rehearsal. I thought I should.**

Chapter 47

A few weeks later....

"Alright can we take that scene again please?" Mr.Jay asked, obviously annoyed.

Some people didn't know their lines yet, although I didn't know what the big rush was (the play was in's October), it wasn't middle school anymore.

Plays in high school were a big deal.

"Action!" Mr.Jay said snapping me out of my thoughts.

I looked at the boy who would play my mom. We had decided to keep the idea that a guy would play the mom.

I started the scene from where we left off. It was the scene where Tracy is arguing with her mom about auditioning for the Corny Collins show

When it was over Jay decided to work on another scene I wasn't in so I walked around backstage. People were already starting on scenery and props.

"Hey." I said to Widmaier who was currently talking into a headset and painting something.

"Hey, want to help?" She asked.

"Sure." It's not like I had anything better to do.

"I suggest rolling up your jeans." She said.

I rolled up my jeans and grabbed a brush. Widmaier told me what to do and I got to work. I could see why someone would want to work behind the scenes.

It's away from the stage, so calm and peaceful.

"Tell her no." Widmaier said into her mic.

"Tell who no?"I asked.


"No No No! Why can't I wear the black and white dress at the end?! Black is slimming afterall." I heard Kelly yell at who I was guessing was in charge of costumes.

Widmaier rolled her eyes.

"Because that dress is for Stacey's character. Plus it's too big for you, remember Tracy has to wear padding." The girl walked past us and gave us an exasperated look.

"It's called fitting." Kelly said as the girl practically ran away. She turned to us and when she saw me she smirked.

"Maybe you should be stage crew and give Tracy to someone who deserves it." Kelly put her hands on her hips.

"Jealousy is not attractive Kelly." I muttered as I struggled not to smudge what I just painted.

"Jealous my ass." Kelly said turning to walk away.

I sighed and returned to my work. I felt a slight push and I fell onto the scenery, completely ruining everything.

I got up and turned to face Kelly.

"Are you serious?" I yelled.

"Oops, did I do that?" Kelly rolled her eyes.

"Have you ever stopped to think that maybe someone was just a little better than you? That that's why I got the part? You just ruined something for the play because of your jealousy!" I yelled at her.

People nearby stopped to survey the damage and shook their head at Kelly as they passed. A girl go a brush and started to fix it.

A tiny vein in Kelly's neck pulsed and red bloomed from her neck to cheeks. She just flipped her hair and walked away.

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