Moving On [40]

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Chapter 40

I woke up in a really good mood. I had heard that play auditions started today and I loved the feeling at auditions. I took a shower and put on some clothes.

I decided on gray skinny jeans, a purple tunic top, and my purple flats. I wore the braclet I had gotten as a going away present also. I pulled my hair into a ponytail with a hump in it and put on a little eyeliner. Once I was satisfied I grabbed all my stuff and went downstairs. Drew was sulking by the kitchen island.

"Hey Drew."

He waved at me.

"Want something?" I asked him.

"No thanks." He said.

"Ok, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Kat still doesn't want to go out with me." He said.

"You know that's not she said. She said that she doesn't want to ruin your friendship." I said.

"Same difference." He muttered.

"Don't worry, she'll cone around." I said to him.

"Let's just go."


The whole ride to school was silent. I felt bad for Drew and needed to find a way to hook them up again.

Soon we were at school.

"Thanks Drew. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. I'm staying after today and I'm probably gonna walk home." I told him.

"Ok. Bye." He said.

I walked into the school and went to my locker. I got my stuff and walked to social studies.

Social Studies and French flew by pretty fast. Mainly because they were the most pointless classes of the day. I walked to Creative Writing and Sierra was already in there.

I could see Janelle and Justin holding hands across the desk in the corner. Just gave me a thumbs up when Janelle wasn't looking and I smiled back at him.

"Hey Sierra." I said.

"Hey, today we should just think about what should happen over the next couple chapters." Sierra said.

"Alright. Let's start."

So for the whole period we just talked about the story. When the bell rang we said our goodbyes and I walked to Ms.Sarela's class.

"Alright class, we're going to be doing a worksheet and towards the end of class i'll be giving you four grades as of now. Alright, get to work." She said.

Angie and I finished the worksheet in half an hour and talked for the next 15 minutes.

"So what exactly happened at the party?" Angie asked me.

"Ok so basically Nate is mad at me, I walked in on Kelly being a slut, and she threw her drink at me. So then Seth just drove me home." I said.

"Ooohhh Sethh." She poked at me.

I blushed, "I don't like Seth."

"Then why would he break up with Kelly just because she spilled a drink on you? Lemme tell you, Kelly has done way worse things to girls and Seth has always just kind of sat back and watched. He obviously likes you."

I looked at Seth, he looked up and smiled at me. I waved back. I turned back to Angie but not before I saw Kelly sneering at me.

"Well I don't know but Kelly needs to leave me alone. It's not my fault Seth broke up with her."

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