Moving On [15]

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Chapter 15

Today, I got up without any yelling. I had to be at the airport at 10 to make my flight at 11:30 a.m. It was 9 now. All my stuff had been sent on it's way late last night and it should be there soon if not already. I only have one carry-on. It has all my presents in it, Shane had added his present last night, a book, photos from the party, and my laptop. I was all set even though I wish I didn't have to be.

My friends should be over here in about 30 minutes so I took a calming shower and got changed into my "moving day" outfit. That consisted of skinny jeans, a teal v neck shirt, black converses, and gold heart studs. I didn't know what Houston was like, and I wanted to make a good first impression on whoever I met there.

Soon enough my friends were here to bid me goodbye. Danny and Shane had a soccer game for the town team at 10 so they were only going to be here for about 10 minutes. Lacy and Sara were coming with me to the airport though so I was happy.

"Hey Stace." They all filed into my living room just as I was coming down the stairs.

"Hey." You could feel the sadness in the room, even Danny wasn't cracking jokes.

"So it's really happening." Danny said.

"Yep, I guess it really is."

"We're all going to miss you. You have to talk to all of us at least twice a week." Sara said.

"Of course. Maybe even 3 times."

"Are you going to change your cell phone number?"

"No, I think I can keep it the same."


Then I remembered Shane was here.

"Hey, um, could you give us a minute?" I pointed at Shane.

For a second they all smirked at us as Shane walked towards me, then they got up and went to the kitchen. As soon as they left, Shane had his lips on mine.

"How are we supposed to do this when your states away?" He whispered in my ear.

"I could always visit." I said smiling as I leaned in for another kiss.

"I don't hear any talking going on in there!" Danny yelled teasingly.

I laughed then Shane laughed. Then his face turned serious. "I love you." He whispered in my ear. I held in my gasp. He'd never said that before.

I never thought about saying it much, but right now didn't feel right. But he was waiting for a response so I responded with an, "I love you."

His eyes brightened when I said those stupid 3 words. He hugged me and led us back to where everyone else was.

"Alright, well me and Shane have to go kick some amateurs asses at soccer so we gotta go." Danny said. We hugged goodbye before he left and I promised I would talk to him later. Then Shane kissed me on the cheek and I promised we would chat later.

"Everyone ready? Stacey you have everything?" Derek and LeeAnn rushed into the kitchen.

I mentally checked myself. Laptop, presents, cell phone, book, yep everything.

"Yep, it's time to go now?" I thought we had much more time.

"Yeah it's 9:45. Everyone in their cars." Lacy and Sara came in their own car so I drove with them as we followed Derek and LeeAnn to Los Angeles International Airport. It didn't take long for me to get checked and to check in my luggage since I only had one bag with all my information and money in it. Soon it was time for me to board the plane.

I turned around and saw everyone looking at me with tears in their eyes.

"No crying!" I said, already tearing up.

"We'll miss you!" Derek and LeeAnn said.

"Us too!" Lacy and Sara said.

I went over to Derek and LeeAnn and hugged them goodbye first. I said thank you to the both of them.

Then I hugged Lacy and Sara goodbye.

"Wait, wasn't there school today?" They shrugged at each other and smiled.

"We skipped."


"That's me." I said. I picked up my carry-on and said one last goodbye to everyone and made my to the gate.

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