Moving On [49]

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Chapter 49

-;-Seth's POV-;-

I woke up and it was really sunny outside. I walked outside and it was really hot. It was probably one of the hottest days of the year. And it wasn't even summer yet! I should go swimming today. But Stacey was coming over. She could come to.

I texted Stacey and told her to wear her bathing suit under her clothes and to bring a towel. I walked back inside and was met with the burst of cold air. Thank god for air conditioning.

I walked upstairs to the twins' room and there door was wide opening. Jackie was making paper fan and Jake was wagging his tongue in the air.

"Happy day before your birthday!" I said to them.

"Thanks." They said, too distracted from the heat to care.

"How about we go swimming today guys?" I asked.

"Thank you!" They said.

"Yep, we're going later in the day though."

"Ok, can you invite Stacey to the party tomorrow?" Jackie asked.


"Isn't Stacey coming for tutoring today?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, she can come swimming too if she wants."

"He just wants to see Stacey in a bikini." Jake whispered loudly to Jackie.

"Not true. Don't you dare tell her that." I said to him.

I walked back towards my room.

So what if I did?

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

I had just taken a shower and I walked out just in time to see my phone vibrating. I tightened the towel around me and walked over to my phone.

We're going swimming today after tutoring. Wear a bathing suit and bring a towel.-Seth

Oh thank god. I'd had to go outside to get the newspaper and it was burning up outside. I got out my favorite purple bikini, shorts, and a tank top.

I put everything on and tied my hair up into a messy bun. The less hair that was down, the cooler I would be.

I didn't have a beach towel though. I would just borrow one from Kat. She should have one.

I walked to Kat's room.

"Hey Kat. Do you have a beach towel I can borrow today?" I asked.

"Yeah, at the bottom of my close over there. You're going to the beach?"

"Ummm I think so." I said.

"Ok then. Have fun with your friends." She said.


Maybe I should invite some of my friends too. It would be fun.

We should invite a lot of people to the beach or the pool. Btw where are we going?- I texted Seth

I put on some flip flops and put everything I needed in my bag. I got a Gatorade and an apple and started walking to Seth's house.

-;-Seth's POV-;-

I had to admit, I was a little disappointed that Stacey wanted to invite more people. But I guess it would be weird for it to just be me and her at a pool. Alone. Awkward.

It's a pool and sure. I'll invite some guys and you invite some girls.- I replied.

I called Nate and he said he would come. I also invited Drew and some of my other soccer friends.

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