Saved By My Two Dads by skyla_14
Saved By My Two Dadsby skyla
Two strict fathers and their three amazing kids living their everyday lives in Redondo Beach, California. When one day one of those fathers found a little lost girl. Wha...
  • spanking
  • orphan
  • sister
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House of Gold // Adopted by Tyler Joseph by tylerschild
House of Gold // Adopted by 💔
In where a man with a heart of gold, adopts a girl in an orphanage, and raises her as his own.
  • tøp
  • tylerjoseph
  • skeletonclique
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Tayvin | Better Than This by XYouLoveTheGameX
Tayvin | Better Than Thisby S🍃
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris They can treat her better
  • fanfiction
  • calvin
  • adoption
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Adopted by Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams  by BitchyUnicorn46
Adopted by Shane Dawson and Kindra Trachsel
My name is Hanna. I'm 13. i live i la. I've been in an orphanage since I was 5. my parents used to abuse me. they were alcoholics and druggies. but one day a gang killed...
  • shyland
  • adoption
  • shanedawson
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"I'm Fine" (Adopted by 5SOS) by Xxmusic247xX
"I'm Fine" (Adopted by 5SOS)by Horizon
The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke. The girl who always laughed, cried. The girl that never stopped trying, finally gave up. She dropped her fake smile as a tear rol...
  • ashtonirwin
  • adoption
  • 5sauce
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Adopted || Brendon Urie (Book One) by panicatthehallelujah
Adopted || Brendon Urie (Book One)by M❤️
Riley feels like she's trapped in her adoption center. Her roommate hates her, and she's been in the center for 12 years without being adopted. When one of her idols ado...
  • panicatthedisco
  • brendonurie
  • kennethharris
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Adopted By One Direction by 29TracyLo
Adopted By One Directionby Tracy
12-year-old Passion's life was going distinctly downhill until she met One Direction. The boys, like no one before, were loving and caring for her. Who knew One Directio...
  • wattys2018
  • adopted
  • adoption
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Adopted by Demi Lovato (Completed) by camzlerndemz
Adopted by Demi Lovato (Completed)by Grace
Care. Adoptions. Fame. Love. Marriage. Pregnancy. Death. Heartbreak. Babies. This book had it all.
  • wattys2017
  • faith
  • adoption
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Oh, Brother | ✓ by NeekieWriter
Oh, Brother | ✓by ❝ a r s e n ❞
"I want a brother. Someone who would protect me, love me, care for me." "I'll be that brother." ↟ ↠ ↡ When your the daughter, the only child, of tw...
  • funny
  • protective
  • adoption
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Unexpected ¥ Emison by cryyourtearsaway
Unexpected ¥ Emisonby Katie🍒
All of the girls (Emily, Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Mona) go on a vacation to just relax and have fun together, before they have to part ways once more. Little did Emily k...
  • girlxgirl
  • girl
  • vacation
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Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift Adoption) by damarismillerfanfic
Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift Damaris Miller
12-Year-Old Alyssa never knew her parents. They gave her up as a baby. All she has is a letter her mother left for her. No pictures. Nothing. Bouncing from home to ho...
  • adoption
  • taylorswift
  • life
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Tony Perry's Daughter *COMPLETED* by bootswitdafur
Tony Perry's Daughter *COMPLETED*by bootswitdafur
***COMPLETED*** Maria Rain Perry is a 3 and 1/2 year old girl who's mother hates her. She doesn't know who her dad is but soon finds out when she is sent to live with hi...
  • tony
  • vic
  • ptvfanfic
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Tyren is my parents  by Rockyblu14
Tyren is my parents by Paradise
Baby Y/n to teen Y/n. Lauren and Ty are your parents if you didn't notice G!P Y/n Rankings: #3 in Tyren
  • tyren
  • family
  • love
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Adopted by Logan Paul (Completed) by keykey629
Adopted by Logan Paul (Completed)by Keilah Lowe
My life was a mess, untill you showed up.
  • loganpaul
  • logang4life
  • adoptedbyloganpaul
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Far Away by lala1333
Far Awayby lala1333
Book 1 in Morris series. She was a nerd while he was the captain of the baseball team. She was bullied but he wasn't. Little did they know they so much in common. They d...
  • payton
  • pressure
  • mlb
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Wounded Hearts (A Demi Lovato Fan Fiction) by beautiful_skies2002
Wounded Hearts (A Demi Lovato beautiful_skies2002
"I'm a survivor, in more ways than you know." * * * Adeena and Eliena-two broken sisters, waiting for someone to treat them with love, hoping to get their mom...
  • abuse
  • itgetsbetter
  • demilovato
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An Abused Orphan [Spider-Son FanFic] by Foxlily_522
An Abused Orphan [Spider-Son Fox Lily
||#2 in 'starker' || Peter Parker is an orphan that lives at Golden Kids Orphanage. Ever since he was six he's been an orphan, and now he's fifteen, still searching for...
  • spideypool
  • ironman
  • peter
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Adopted by the avengers by SpoopyLaila
Adopted by the avengersby 1-800-MARVEL
just living the life of an average orphan girl when Tony Stark announces he will be adopting someone.
  • falcon
  • adoption
  • groot
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Zayn Malik's Little Sister by demiwitchdirectioner
Zayn Malik's Little Sisterby demiwitchdirectioner
Zoe Alexis Malik is a thirteen year old orphan. She's never known her family or why she's in an orphanage well at least until she goes to a One Direction concert. ...
  • onedirection
  • love
  • zaynmalik
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Their Pup (MxMxM) (Mpreg) by WingedKelpie
Their Pup (MxMxM) (Mpreg)by Kelpie
Fenris is a Were, one of many used in dogfighting, slave-trading, and servitude. Fenris was a pet to a cruel man, who abused the young Were and tossed him on the side of...
  • master
  • fantasy
  • rescue
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