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adopted by Taehyung(under editing) by hope1299
adopted by Taehyung(under editing)by kk.slays
"J,i love you.i am never giving you back"~taehyung Najia is 6 yrs old.she never spoke a word since she been in the orphanage. Because of that she get bullied...
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My super family  by starks_wifey
My super family by I miss tony stark 💔
Superfamily au!!! • y/n was adopted by Tony as a child •steeb and Tony got married •Peter becomes part of the family Peter isn't in the book right away, it goes alon...
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Yours Truly, Ramona by _nicolemiller
Yours Truly, Ramonaby Nicole Miller
Life doesn't abide by the rules of a child. Sixteen-year-old Ramona knows this. She's seen it throughout her entire life, from the way she was treated by her birth pare...
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Adopted by him (nba YoungBoy) by binka226
Adopted by him (nba YoungBoy)by BaddieB
The most amazing person in the whole world. A God sent gift. Best qualities all the way around. Has a great heart and the best personality. No words can describe how gre...
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The Unexpected  by haynesbd
The Unexpected by haynesbd
A young homeless boy, witness to a rape and murder causes Steve McGarrett to explore a side to his personality never seen before: His fatherly side. Leading to a questio...
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Adopted by jungkook by hope1299
Adopted by jungkookby kk.slays
"Don't listen to the other voices.only listen to mines when I say I love you"~jungkook Jacqueline is 6 yrs old.she never spoke a word since she been in the orp...
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Ari's little girl by KimberlyPouzar
Ari's little girlby KimberlyPouzar
Ariana Grande is very successful and happy. But she wants to share that happiness with someone. She realizes she wants a little girl to call her own. So she finds an all...
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serendipity// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
serendipity// 5SOSby BLM
;an unplanned, fortunate discovery. That was it. Michael and Crystal fostered many kids, but the ones that stuck were a fortunate discovery. Five of those later, and t...
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Reach × A twilight saga fiction by kirapaynex
Reach × A twilight saga fictionby Kira Alice ✿
✿ COMPLETED ✿ irrevocably - adverb • in a way that cannot be changed, reversed, or recovered. My life irrevocably changed the day i turned 13. Then again at 15. And...
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Pregnant With The Nerds Baby by anonymousgirl1120
Pregnant With The Nerds Babyby anonymousgirl1120
Ashley is one of the most popular girls at Westwood high. She comes from a rich family and has had everything handed to her, her whole life. She wakes up from her 16th...
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Little Pup by Alexia-8
Little Pupby Alexia
She didn't know her name, where she came from or her age. All she knew were small flashbacks of sharp teeth and blood everywhere. She remembered pain, flaring through he...
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Adopted by Liza Koshy by demi_woo123
Adopted by Liza Koshyby demi1410
"...And it's true. My name is Aurelie and I shouldn't be in here. It's not fair. But I guess life's not fair..." Hi! I'm Aurelie and Liza Koshy is my new mom...
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runaway  by 5secsmendes
runaway by A
"so you're all alone?" "yes, but I'm free at least."
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Adopted by fifth harmony/Camren by VioletandTate01
Adopted by fifth harmony/Camrenby VioletandTate01
Haileigh is 10 years old, almost 11; she has been in the orphanage since she was 5. The care takers are shit & she's constantly being but down. When she runs away becaus...
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A Blue Ninja's Daughter by SmoreScientist
A Blue Ninja's Daughterby SmoreScientist
After the incident of dropping hundreds of bottles of mutagen all over New York, Leo goes out one night to find some more and collect it for Donnie. But instead he finds...
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stuff happens // 5SOS by Ash_giggles94
stuff happens // 5SOSby ashton’s ass😗✌️
Highest Rank: #1 on hospital "We were all freaked out" "It came out of nowhere" 5SOS Fanfic
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Safe Haven by Lelemaa
Safe Havenby Lelemaa
One day Jay Halstead found a baby outside the 21st district. He discovers his father's feelings for the little girl and wants to raise her. It's a story in chronologica...
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The Rules They Broke by lemon_pops
The Rules They Brokeby lemon_pops
Olivia Jones barely remembers her brothers. When her mother divorced her father and took Olivia with her, the memories of who they were to her slowly faded. Despite that...
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Adopted by Gallavich by snoweerose
Adopted by Gallavichby Snoweerose
Ian and Mickey adopt a 16 year old girl who had been beaten and abused by her parents. Will they be able to help her? Or will she be broken forever.
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Sweetheart  by Ellawhiting1234
Sweetheart by Ellawhiting1234
Melody is only 7 and had to deal with 5 brother and now has 2 dad as well.
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