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I feel Augustus pull me behind him as he steps protectively in front of me. Before I know it, he transforms into his guardian animal. The huge blue dragon let out a loud roar, making the Minotaur stop. Augustus as a dragon is clearly as big as Anna, which is towering over Caleb’s Minotaur form.

Caleb growls at the dragon, but keeps his eyes on me. Augustus tail wrap around me like a protective barrier.

“Mr. Caleb!” an ancient voice booms, making Caleb stiffens instantly. “We do not attack our guests!”

Augustus’s tail twitches noticeably.

I take a small step to my right to see a middle age man with battle scars on his face. He looks handsome even if he might be in his forties. The man is wearing a dark green t-shirt and baggy pants. Both of his hands are on his hips like he is scolding a child. To be truthful, the Alpha does look scary because of his hard features and scary aura radiating off him. Eleanor stands next to him, staring at Caleb in horror for what he nearly did.

Caleb bows at him and shifts back into his human self, still glaring at me.

How stubborn can that Buffalo get? I think to myself.

“Don’t mind him,” Alpha tells Augustus and I. “Miss Eleanor here informed me that you mean no harm.”

I nudge Augustus’s tail so he can release me. He does it hesitantly, keeping a wary gaze on Alpha and Caleb.

“Indeed we don’t,” I assure him. “Athena had sent us to ask you for your help.”

Alpha’s thick eyebrows rise. “We can bring this matter into my office rather than the living room. Mrs. Lincoln, please prepare some tea and send it to my office. Follow me.”

I hear a faint, “Yes, Alpha” coming from a distance; the kitchen, I assume.

Augustus shifts back into his human form but it does not stop his eyes from being set on Caleb. My sensitive ears catch Augustus’s silent growls from his throat. I touch his forearm, directly on the head of the dragon tattoo. He melts into my touch and his growls stop. For now.

Gently, I tug Augustus towards the direction Alpha walk and away from Caleb. When we pass by Caleb, Caleb asks me, “Where is Lisbeth? What did you do to her?”

Augustus pulls me out of the living room so I tell Caleb, “We’ll talk later. I promise you, Caleb, that she is okay.”

I cannot see Caleb or hear his reply since I’m walking up a fancy stairs with a chandelier hanging above me.

“He’s the Minotaur in love with the Peacekeeper?” Augustus asks me when he’s sure no one is listening to us. Well, except for Alpha who is waking in front of us.


Alpha opens a door and enters the room, which Augustus and I follow in.

“Take a seat,” he says, his authorative tone leaking out. Anna growls in my head as she doesn’t like to be bossed around. I can feel Augustus shaking a little too. After I mentally cage Anna in my head, I take a seat.

“Why should I believe you?” Alpha growls at us as soon as we sit.

I narrow my eyes at him. “I’m pretty sure you have watched the news, Alpha. The supernatural world is exposed to the humans by a demon.”

“You’re a demon too?” Alpha accuses us.

“No!” Augustus and I deny together. Augustus leans forward and shows his arm, more specifically, his tattoo. “I’m a dragon shifter, as you have just witnessed a few minutes’ ago.”

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