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“Here it is. Room 15,” Thomas tells me when we are in front of my room. “You have new clothes in the closet and you’ll meet your new roommate in about ten minutes’ time. The training will end soon so I’ll leave you here now. Oh, and be at my office tomorrow at eight in the morning to start your first day of training.”

I nod. “Okay.”

“And one more thing, Melanie,” Thomas says, digging into his pocket to take out something and give it to me.

I look at my hands to see a harmonica. It’s not just any harmonica; it’s my last present that Nate had gotten me for our birthday.

“Thank you,” I whisper, a tear falling from my eye. The lump is still stuck in my throat.

Thomas gives me a small smile. “See you tomorrow, Melanie.”

I carefully put the harmonica into my pocket and wheel myself into a very colourful room which is decorated with all kinds of posters. Not the Justin Bieber or One Direction posters; thank God, but The Walking Dead.

Can you believe it? This room is heaven. I have a feeling I’m going to love my roommate.

At that very moment, an Asian girl comes into the room. She stops in shock when she notices I’m in the room and a wide grin form on her face. She’s wearing white shirt and shorts. A white cat sits on her shoulder, also staring at me with slit eyes. I can’t help but notice a tattoo of a cat on her right arm.

“So you must be my roommate. My name is Lina and that is Nila,” she says.

“My name is Melanie,” I say, shaking her hands. It is quite difficult since I’m still on a wheelchair.

Lina looks at my right arm. “I’m guessing you’re new to all this. When are you going to see The Decider?”

“Tomorrow. How does this ‘Decider’ will pick your guardian animal?” I ask, looking up to see her cat – Nila - jumping from her shoulder to purr at my leg. I chuckle and pat the animal.

Lina shrugs and takes off her shoes. “It’s different for everyone. No one but The Decider knows how it works. Don’t be disappointed if you get some other animal that you were not expecting though; I’m perfectly happy with Nila.”

“Nila is your guardian animal?” I ask in shock, looking at Lina and then Nila.

Lina grins. “Yeah, watch this.” She closes her eyes and begins to concentrate on something. Her cat tattoo starts to glow brightly. I notice Nila is becoming transparent as the cat walks towards Lina and pounces towards Lina, only to disappear into the tattoo.

“Cool,” I comment in awe.

Lina’s not finished although she smiles at my remark. She starts to shrink and fall on all four. Her small face grows whiskers which gives her a cat-like look. Her shirt and shorts disappear as white fur grows all over the body.

When Lina opens her eyes, she gives me a cat smile. Lina is Nila now. Lina is a cat shifter.

“That is so awesome!” I yell in excitement. “Are you still in control, Lina?”

Lina nods, meows and jumps on my lap while purring. I scratch behind her ears just like I usually did to Anna. At that very thought, I am saddened at the wild animal’s death. Anna had sacrificed her life for my twin brother’s life.

Lina nudges me with her small head as she gives me a questioning look.

“You just reminded me of my brother’s pet tiger,” I explain.

Lina shakes her fur and jumps off my lap to shift back into her human form. Unlike werewolves, shifters have their clothes on before and after they shift.

“I’m guessing you used to be a vampire hunter,” Lina says, sitting on her bed.

I smirk at her. “Nope. A werewolf hunter.”

Her eyes widen in surprise. “You look so young! How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen. What about you?”

“I’m twenty-five,” she answers, surprising me. She’s the one who looks young. “And I used to be a demon hunter. It was a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.”

I look at her, stunned. She doesn’t look like a demon hunter to me. Well, I don’t look like a werewolf hunter also.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Lina nods towards the other bed. “You can have that bed. Training will start at eight tomorrow so you’ll have plenty of time to wander around the building. I’m going to take a shower now, so you can take a nap. I’ll wake you up for dinner and introduce you to a few of my friends. Are you okay with that, Mel?”

I smile at her. Not only The Walking Dead fan but also a very nice roommate. I have a feeling I’m going to be very close to Lina.

“Sounds good, Li.”

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