The End

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Out of nowhere, an explosion goes off the door burst open. Augustus instantly launches himself at me, making us both fall to the ground with him on top of me.

“Get off me,” I hiss at him.

He growls at me, but quickly stands so he is blocking my view from seeing the door.

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here?” a voice taunts with a laugh.

Blood drains from my face as I pale. I know that voice so well. The voice of a traitor.

“Tyler,” Augustus snarls.

I peek from his shoulder to indeed see Leo with a few demons behind him. Leo looks at me with curiosity.

“I have two questions to ask before I kill you. One, who is the pretty girl behind you? Maybe once I finish you off, I can use her for my own purposes. After all, we men needs satisfaction once in a while.”

My face boils with anger at his words. How dare he! I thought he was the shy and nice guy in HQ.

I was wrong though.

“None of your god damn business!” Augustus roars. “I will kill you.”

The dragon shifter jumps over the bed that hinders us from Leo and the demons and nearly punches at Leo. Unfortunately, a demon moves faster than him and counters attack. Augustus falls to the floor with a loud thump and I can’t see him anymore since the bed is still in between me and Leo.

“Run!” Augustus screams at me.

Snapping from my daze, I manage to work my legs to run over to a window. Another demon, however, drags me from behind. I struggle in his arms until he tighten his hold and stopping me from my oxygen supply.

“Why, Augustus! That’s not a nice thing to say to your old pal!” Leo says teasingly.

“I am not your bloody pal, you bloody lunatic!” Augustus yells at him. “Let her go!”

Leo smirks and walks over to me. The demon who is holding Augustus down has a blank look. The demon has black skin and black wings behind him. He is also wearing a suit, which reminds me of Hannibal.

Lina told me once that all demons wear suit, even when they disguise as humans.

“What’s your name, sweetcheeks?” Leo asks me with a sly grin.

The demon releases his hold so I can breathe again. It takes me about two minutes to regain my breathing rhythm.

“It’s Jane Doe,” I say, remembering that I said the same thing to Jake.

Leo turns to Augustus. “She must really mean a lot to you, Augustus Caesar. How about this? You tell me the location of Nicholas, Melanie and Cassandra, and I will release this pretty little thing.”

“Like hell I will reveal their location,” Augustus snarls.

Leo takes out a gun at point it at my forehead. “I’m going to give you five seconds to make up your mind. Either way, I’m still going to find them and you will either lose this girl or not. Up to you, Augustus Caesar.”

I look at Augustus with wide eyes. I don’t want to die! I want to see Nate! I want to see Cassie! Hell, I want to see everyone before I die.

I didn’t even say goodbye to them.

Just like the last time.


Augustus struggles against the demon’s hold, with no avail.


I try to move, but the demon locks my hands and legs. I stare at Leo hatefully.

“I hate you,” I tell him.


Augustus looks conflicted.


“Fine!” Augustus booms. “I’ll tell you. Just put down the gun first. Please.”

Leo puts down the gun, but aims it at Augustus. “Tell me.”

Augustus looks at me apologetically. I shake my head at him. No, he must not reveal.

“They’re in Newborough,” Augustus lies.

Leo looks at the demon who’s holding onto Augustus and the demon shakes his head. Leo smiles ruthlessly and shoots me in the leg.

Pain blooms from my leg, making me scream at the pain.

That bloody hurt!

“Stop!” Augustus yells at Leo.

“The demon knows that you’re lying, Augustus. Your heartbeat and body signals reveal it all,” Leo explains. “Now tell me or I would shoot her in the head.”

He comes closer to me. So close that I can smell his minty breath. The cold gun touches my forehead and that makes me tremble in pain and fear.

Don’t tell him, Augustus. Don’t tell.

“They’re in Meadow Falls,” Augustus says in defeat. His shoulder slump in surrender.

“Damn you, Augustus!” I scream at him.

Instead of putting down the gun, Leo pushes the gun against my forehead even harder.

“You know what, Augustus? I don’t keep promises.”

The last thing I see is Augustus’s beautiful brown eyes that hold regret.

“I love you,” he tells me solemnly.

Just when I’m about to answer him back, the last thing I feel is the bullet going through my skull and into my brain.

I love you too, Augustus Caesar.

The End.

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