Extra Scene Two

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Extra Scene Two

I grin maliciously when I see a tarnished soul crying on my feet, begging me. He deserves it. He shouldn't have killed his rabbit, dog, neighbour, and wife. Now, at the age of 90, it is time for him to pay for those sins.

And I'm merely a messenger.

"Please, don't," he sobs when he sees me raise my scythe. His eyes are full with fear at my face. I'm not surprised though; everyone has always feared the sight of my signature cloak, scythe, and skeleton body. "I have confessed my sins. I no longer am to go to Hell."

As usual, I say nothing. It is my job to bring – or sometimes drag – these souls to Hell. It is their doings that land them in Hell. It is their fault.

No one gets special treatment.

I tap my scythe on the hospital floor, where the soul is going to die soon. Instantly, the gate to Hell opens below us. I grab the soul by the neck with my visible phalanges and take a step into the portal.

"David Hollister," I tell the demon sitting at the counter in a grave voice. David Hollister cries even harder, making me let go of his neck. Now that he's dead, he can never go back to the living world.

Only I have the power to let him live again. Those precious gifts are only given to those who deserve to live.

This man doesn't deserve anything.

I leave David Hollister to his fate and make my way out of the Registration Office where there is a long line of unattended souls queuing for their turn. Being with a Grim Reaper would skip the queue and walk straight to the counter, just like what David Hollister went through. The faster they go, the easier the job is.

I have been a Grim Reaper for so many years until their pleadings no longer affect me. It is a job that has to be done.

I'm just grateful that I was given the opportunity to become a Grim, despite the fact that I had to get rid of my skin by burning them away painfully and no longer have the face of my old life.

Many souls cringe away from me as I walk gracefully past them with my hood hiding my skull. The only thing that they can see is my skeletal fingers holding onto my scythe. Some cries. Some pathetically praying for an Angel to come and save them.

I know better. Angels do not dare to enter Hell. Their job is just like mine, just that they collect souls to go to Heaven.

"Grim Melanie," Lucifer calls out from behind.

I pause before turning around. Instantly, I bow in respect at the powerful demon who gave me my job as Grim. "Yes, Master."

"I'm impressed with your task done. For that, I have decided to express my gratitude in form of a gift," he says with a grin. I warily look up at him, visible for him to see my face that is now nothing but bones.

"Gift?" I repeat with no emotions.

"I'm pretty sure you'll like this fellow. He's going to be with you for a very long, long time," Lucifer says. He then whistles loudly.

I can hear light clickings of nails against the tiles coming towards us. I stiffen while we wait for whatever it is to come.

"Meet Cerberus. He's loyal and homeless," Lucifer tell me, petting one of the heads of the gigantic creature with three heads. I stare at the mutt that has each of the head tongue sticking out. It is a common dog in Hell. Most Cerberus works as a guard dog at every gate in Hell. I didn't know they can be adopted.

Now I'm given one by Lucifer.

"Thank you," I say, bowing again at Lucifer.

"Continue your job. Take Cerberus with you, he can be really helpful with some of those souls."

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