Surprise in Blanefield

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“Come on, Wendy. Let’s go to the bookstore,” I say, holding her hands and pulls her towards the only bookstore in the town of Blanefield.

Wendy shrugs my hand off and stubbornly refuses to move. “Explain whatever the guy said just now.”

I sigh. “I know who your grandmother is.”

“I gather that,” she says sarcastically. “I mean, what is a Decider? What did he mean by you will die to ‘maintain the balance’?”

I look around to see that no one is around us. Seriously, Blanefield is the creepiest town I’ve ever been in.

“A Decider is someone who can connect another world of guardian animals. A Decider’s job is to guide someone to their respective guardian animals. After that person gets a guardian animal, they have the ability to shift into that animal. Therefore, these people are called ‘shifters’,” I explain in a hush voice. She nods with huge eyes. “I am a shifter. Your grandmother is a Decider. She was the one who guided me to my guardian animal.”

“Is it important to be a Decider?”

I kneel down so I’m the same level as her. “Of course it is important! Your grandmother brings wonders to ordinary people like me.”

“What about me? Or mummy?” the girl asks me.

“I don’t know.”

“Where’s grandma?”

When she say this, I feel sadder than before. “I think she’s dead.”

Bibiana is the only Decider I know and Thomas did say that she’s one of the last Deciders left in this world. If Bibiana died in the fire, who else would guide an HQ agent to their guardian animals now?

“How did she die?” Wendy asks in a hush voice.

I close my eyes. “There was a fire in Gurney City and your grandma was in that building. I wasn’t there at that time, but I saw the news that there are no survivors.”

“How did the fire start?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was that why I was killed?” she asks out of nowhere.

I give her a look as if she grew another head. “What do you mean?”

The girl looks down at her feet. “After my death, I couldn’t remember anything about my life. I wandered around Gurney City and eventually reached Blanefield where I found out that Clair is the only one who can see me. It took me years to regain a little memory of my past life. The only thing I can remember is mummy and the man’s face. I don’t even know why I’m here and not in heaven with mummy.”

“What did Clair say?” I ask cautiously.

“She said I have a purpose here to finish before I can go to heaven. Until then, I don’t know what that purpose is. Maybe my death had something to do with what grandma is. She is important, right?”

“So this means you’re killed because of what you are,” I say in realization. “You and your mum were killed because you were supposed to be a Decider like your mum and grandma. Not to mention Deciders are rare these days.”

“I think so,” the girl says, sniffing. “I don’t know! Maybe the only way to find out is to find the murderer.”

I look at her with shock. “You want to find your murderer? Are you sure?”

“What else can I do?” she asks me back. “Stay on earth forever and in fear? I’m ready to find out the truth.”

“How are you going to do it?”

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