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The robots are doing major changes and turning the tables. The number of demons and vampires fall drastically, though some has died from our side. I make sure that Augustus is alive and close to me all the time.

We are a deadly combination. Once Augustus is able to get his strength back, he’s in his dragon form, protecting me as I protect him.

It is easy for us to take them out like rats.

“Melanie!” my father yells. I turn to see him running towards me and his eagle flying above him. Before I can shift back, he wraps his arms around my large body. He looks relieved for some reasons.

I nudge at him, silently asking what’s wrong.

“I can’t find her,” dad sobs, tightening his hold on me. “I can’t lose you too.”

I glance at Augustus who is staring at me with the same confused look.

“Do you know what’s he talking about?” I ask him. I have never seen dad look so heartbroken. Especially during a battle.

“Cassandra,” dad says almost to himself. “She’s not in the cave. She’s nowhere.”

I hiss, startling dad. Oh no, mum is gone. This is bad. This is really bad.

“We need to get Lisbeth out of here,” I tell Augustus.

He summons miniature tsunamis to wipe out the Sirens who are singing to hypnotize some of the witches. Each tsunamis contains one Siren, trapping them just above the surface.

“I’m a little busy with these oversized piranhas,” Augustus tells me in annoyance.

I roll my eyes and shift back to human.

“We have to find mum,” I tell dad.

He nods, looking around the scene around us. Now that the mermaids and Augustus has handled the Sirens, the number of enemies is declining. Somehow, I’m unable to spot any powerful demons or even demons of high rank.

“Did anyone kill Asmodeus yet?” I ask my father as we run towards Beth. She is the only one who knows where Lisbeth is and we need to get Lisbeth away from here.

“No. This battle won’t end until he’s dead.”

Beth is surrounded by two vampires who are eyeing her neck with hunger dancing in their red eyes. Her Elemental friends are too busy with the rogue werewolves and many are occupied with their own enemy.

“Shit,” I swear, quickening my pace.

The blond vampire licks his lips. “What about we share this one, Daniel?”

“Yes,” the black haired vampire replies. “I haven’t drunk since yesterday.”

“Stay back,” Beth threatens them, putting both her pale hands out.

The two vampires laugh, almost mockingly. “What are you going to do about it, little girl?”

“She ain’t gonna doing anything,” I say when I’m right behind the blond vampire. “Because I am gonna fry you like pesky flies over expired food.”

The blond is about to say something but I shift into a Xiuhcoatl. Not letting him get over his shock, I twist my scaly body around the vampire and squeeze the life out of him. He gasps and struggles to breathe while the other vampire attempts to help his friend.

Out of nowhere, two trees walk on large roots behind Beth and their branches move towards the black haired vampire. The vampire yells as the two trees pull each of his hand until both hands come out of their body as if the vampire is made out of Lego.

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