Not Alone

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“Is there a TV anywhere close?” I ask Eleanor in panic. At that very moment, I realize how stupid my question is. We’re in a car driving away from the city and towards the woods surrounding the city.

She gives me a pointed look before looking back at the road. “We’re in a car and in the 21st century. Why don’t you just check out the app instead?”

I sheepishly smile at her and hand Augustus his phone. “It’s your phone so make it worthy by checking out the Gurney News app.”

“My phone is not useless,” Augustus argues.

“How far are we from the pack house?” I ask. Eleanor glances around as she speeds past through some cars on the road.

“I’d say about five minutes,” she replies. “I have to warn you, Alpha might be a little stubborn since you two are not Minotaurs or humans and you have entered our territory without his permission.”

“This won’t go down with a fight, would it?” I ask worriedly.

Eleanor shakes her head. “I don’t know. This had never happened before. Alpha is merciless towards those who defy him. Sonny didn’t even manage to say a word before Alpha ended his life.”

I shudder when she said that. Sonny was the Minotaur who nearly killed Lisbeth if it wasn’t for Caleb and I. Sonny knew that Lisbeth was a Peacekeeper. That very information boggles my mind. Who did he know what she is?

My blood runs cold when I realize Sonny could have been working for Thomas.

“How was Mr. Muller?” I ask, changing the subject. Hopefully, Alpha is willing to help us because of his loyalty for Athena.

“Caleb and I visit him once in a while. He’s doing fine, just that sometimes he wanted to be left alone so yeah.”

“Bloody hell,” Augustus curses from behind. “Melanie, you cannot believe this.”

“What?” I tense for his answer.

“The humans know that they’re not the only ones here on this planet,” he tells us.

“What?” Eleanor and I say in surprise.

Augustus leans forward and gives me his phone. The headline for the latest news is: We are not alone. Below the title is a video.

I click play.

At first, the video is shaking so it is a little blurry, but I can make out that whoever is recording this is in a shopping complex. A few people are walking past the camera while holding bags. Everything is still normal.

The camera turns to focus on the face of the recorder. The man smiles widely.

“Hello, bros! My name is Pewdiepie and I’m currently in Gurney Shopping Complex in front of the only store that sells ‘Skyrim: Rise of the Dragonborn’. In the meantime, I’m gonna surprise some fans here!” the man says in a sickly high pitch voice.

The man turns the camera again, facing the game store. All of a sudden, there is a loud explosion. The man – Pewdiepie – lets out a string of colourful words as he runs towards where the explosion seems to come from. Since Pewdiepie is on the second floor, he faces the camera down to see a black figure in the middle below at the first floor. Many people join Pewdiepie, watching the demon from above. The first floor, though, is deserted. 

“Holy f*ck! What is that? Is it Halloween already?” Pewdiepie rants. If I were next to him, I would cellophane tape his mouth and tie him to a pillar.

The demon looks up as his leathery wings extracts widely. He lets out a loud shriek, silencing everyone in the complex. Even Pewdiepie shut up.

“How does f*cking he do it? It looks f*cking real,” Pewdiepie whispers excitedly.

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