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“Does this mean you can shift into any animals?” I ask, staring at his tattoo. The head of the tiger and fangs are at the top of his bare arm, as if it is looking at Thomas, as the body swirls around his arm and the tail circles around Thomas’s wrist. It is very impressive. I can’t wait to get a tattoo of my own.

Thomas barks a laugh. “No, Melanie. I can only shift into one animal, which is the sabre tooth-tiger.”

I fit in the pieces. Now it all makes perfect sense! I want to smack myself for not realizing it earlier.

“I’m guessing Mary is the white owl?”

Thomas clicks his tongue before answering, “Yes.”

“Does that mean I’ll be a shifter as well?” I ask with excitement coating in my voice. Being an HQ agent is awesome!

Thomas nods, rolling down his sleeve to cover the tiger. “Yes, but first, you’ll have to see the Decider.”

“The what now?”

My head is starting to spin in circles at the amount of information I’m given.

“The Decider. She will test you and choose a guardian animal for you. This guardian animal will be a part of you, just like a werewolf. It is supposed to be called a wolf shifter but the werewolves prefer their name as it is. Werewolves have their own guardian animal which has been brought down in families. That’s why their mates are humans. Are you okay so far?”

I nod. “Please continue.”

“All humans are supposed to be shifters as well. Another reason why we only choose humans to be HQ agents. It was during the Roman Empire when the gods decide to take away the human’s guardian animal. Humans were becoming vicious and greedy, giving the gods no option. Werewolves were able to escape from the gods at that time and start to live peacefully in secret for many years. Werewolves and vampires are the biggest clan in the supernatural world, which is why HQ agents concentrate on keeping them a secret from each other. Once they know that each species do exist, I’m afraid that there’ll be some idiot who would try to start a war.”

“So HQ agents are keeping every species a secret from each other just to maintain peace?” I ask, starting to make some sense. “Including humans.”

“Yes. The only ones who do know all of this are HQ agents and a few royals,” Thomas tells me. Thomas notices my confusion look and laughs. “That’s a story for another time. I’m sure by tomorrow you can walk, right?”

“Yes. I can,” I assure him. I can feel my toes, which is a good thing.

“Then I’ll take you to meet your new fellow trainee and roommate. I’ll take you under my wing and train you,” Thomas says, standing up and walk behind me. Since I’m still sitting on the wheelchair, I can’t help but feel useless. I officially hate wheelchairs.

“If anyone asks, I’m your mentor. You won’t be training with other trainees,” he tells me, pushing me out of his office and to a very familiar elevator.

Oh, the good times.

“Who else are you training?”

“Just you and Augustus. Not to worry, Augustus will probably ignore you most of the time. Just try to stay out of his way and you’ll be fine,” Thomas assures me.

“Why are you willing to train me?” I ask, pressing the elevator button.

Thomas looks at me proudly like a father looks at his daughter who is about to get married. “Because you’re going to take my place. I have a good feeling about you, Melanie. I’m going to make sure that you’re going to be the next Director.”

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