Secrets Revealed

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Two days passed by fast and on my fourteenth day of arriving in Newborough, I realize that it is Lisbeth’s birthday. The day that I reveal all my secrets to her. The day she shall know what she is and her purpose of her existence. The day of the return of her long lost best friend.

“Wake up, birthday girl!” I yell once I barge into her room. 

“Go away, Laney,” she groans, rolling over to the other side of the bed.

I skid over to the other side of her bed. She cracks one eye open in curiosity.

“Today is the day everything will be revealed,” I persuade her.

Lisbeth sighs and gets up. The sight of her long messy hair makes me laugh lightly. She looks like Einstein with a bed hair like that.

“Get out so I can change,” Lisbeth tells me, scowling. I know she heard me laughing. Without protest, I walk out of her room. I got the shock of my life when I see Caleb and Eleanor sitting in the living room with Mr. Muller.

Anna growls in my head at the sight of them. She still doesn’t like the Minotaurs, especially Eleanor. Two days ago, I ran from Eleanor as soon as I enter the forest. It is safe to say that my secret is still a secret.

The Minotaurs stands up at the sight of me. Mr. Muller follows suit.

“Now that I know what you two are, if you harm my little girl, I’m going to get Laney skin you alive,” Mr. Muller threatens them.

The teenagers gulp in nervousness. Caleb is even sweating bullets!

“How can you trust her so easily than us?” Eleanor asks in disbelief.

Mr. Muller glances at me before answering her, “I know her better than you two.”

“You know us for seven years! Unlike Laney,” Eleanor protests, emphasizing on my fake name. I wince. She knows my real name now.

“Well, I know her for over ten so there’s that,” Mr. Muller easily says.

Caleb and Eleanor exchanges look of surprise. I stand beside Mr. Muller so the two of us are standing opposite of the cousins.

“I just woke Lisbeth up. Everyone, get ready,” I say.

In an instant, everyone got to their positions. I stand by the living room entrance, Caleb and Eleanor hiding behind a couch that’s facing the entrance, and Mr. Muller who is holding a birthday cake in his hands stands in the middle of the living room.

I hear Lisbeth’s room door opens then closes.

“So what’re we going to do today?” Lisbeth asks when she sees me. She is wearing a comfortable sweater and jeans.

I shrug. “Let’s just watch some TV.”

Looking very confused, Lisbeth follows me into the living room where she sees her father holding a cake.

“Surprise!” Caleb and Eleanor shrieks, jumping out of their hiding spots.

I smile brightly at Lisbeth’s surprised look. Mr. Muller, Caleb, Eleanor and I start to sing the happy birthday song loudly, making Lisbeth blush in embarrassment.

“Lower your volume, guys!” Lisbeth whines before we get to finish the song.

All of us ignore her and continue to sing even louder. Lisbeth’s face turn redder but she can’t help but smile.

“Blow the candles, Lisbeth!” Caleb yells when we finish singing.

“Don’t forget to make a wish,” I add.

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