The Battle

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No one is around by the time I got back to the mansion. Even the animals in the woods are silent. I figure that everyone must be in battle somewhere in the woods.

I attempt to follow a trail through the darkness and strong Minotaur scent. I am glad that my guardian animal is a Xiuhcoatl with strong sense of smell.

“Augustus?” I call through our mindlink. I can sense him acknowledging me, but he’s distracted with something else.

I see something among the bushes around me move. My former hunter instincts rise. I take out a rifle filled with bullets covered of holy water and turns off the safety. My night vision eyes scan through the darkness for more suspicious activities.

A pair of glowing red eyes shines. The figure with those red eyes takes a few steps towards me, and then it grins at me with visible fangs.

Vampire, I think to myself. I know that it is a vampire because of the description that Grace told me long time ago. Grace, formerly known as 12, was a vampire hunter and helped Nate and I defeat the hybrids.

“You smell sweet like cherries,” the vampire with straight blond hair and aged around 25 tells me after inhaling my scent.

I wrinkle my nose. “And you smell like rotten tomatoes.”

He snarls at me, not appreciating my remark. Now I know my rifle is useless against a vampire. I need to find a way to behead him.

Or I can just burn him alive.

I smirk just at that very thought. The vampire gives me an are-you-crazy look. Without hesitation, I turn the switch again and tuck the firearm on my back. The vampire frowns even more in confusion, trying to figure out what I’m about to do.

“You know, I’ve always wondered what will happen when the undead gets barbequed,” I say, which pisses him off.

The vampire launches himself towards me.

Without wasting another second, I shift into a Xiuhcoatl. I’m easily tower the vampire and grab him in between my jaws. He trashes, trying to use his strength to push me away. I do not budge, keeping him in my hold. When he tries to kick me is when I let out the flames from my throat, burning his forearm where I’m biting him.

He lets out a cry of pain. The next thing I know, I feel something else on my scaly body. Whatever it is, it is trying to get me to release the vampire.

I release the already dead vampire to the ground, focusing on the rogue werewolf on me. The werewolf’s eyes widen in alarm when it realizes that I’m about to get it next.

Just when I’m about to sink my venomous fangs into its neck, something black pushes the werewolf off me.

The black cougar chomps on the werewolf’s throat, killing it instantly.

I shift to my human form, but keeping a cautious eye at our surrounding. I’ll be damned if something else attacks us with the element of surprise.

“Hey, Pizza Girl,” the boy who has the cougar as a guardian animal says with a grin.

I roll my eyes. “Hello, Jake. Where are the others?”

Jake replies, “Some of us are out here in the woods. Our task is to kill whatever is trying to find the Peacekeeper. The others are in the field close to the river where their task is to protect your mother.”

“Lisbeth is out here?” I question, looking around us.

“Somewhere up here.”

“What do you mean?”

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