Arrival of Grumpy Pants

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“Here you go, dear,” Bibiana says, handing me a glass of Coca-Cola.

“Thank you,” I say gratefully. We are no longer in the scary white room but her office. I notice a lot of photographs of a little girl and her. “Will you tell me more about my guardian animal? The Xiuh…”

“Xiuhcoatl?” Bibiana offers and I nod. “It’s basically known as the fire serpent in Aztec mythology. It’s supposed to be classified as a dragon since it has short legs… But your guardian animal doesn’t look like a dragon at all. Some guardian animals doesn’t necessary must look like what it’s supposed to be, making your guardian animal rarer than other rare creatures.”

“How do you shift and all?” I question after sipping a gulp of my Coke. Oh, Coke, you’re my only old friend now.

Bibiana sniffs. “I don’t know about that; I don’t shift into animals like you do, I connect to the other world. Director will teach you about shifting and more about your Xuihcoatl.”

I nod again. I stare at the photograph on her desk. There is a girl sitting on the swing, giggling as a woman – Bibiana – pushes the swing. Both of them have huge grins plastered on their faces.

Bibiana notice my stare. “That’s my granddaughter,” she tells me, picking up one of the photograph and trace both faces.

Despite Thomas’s warning, my curiosity can no longer be contained.

“May I ask, what – ”

“She was killed,” Bibiana cuts me off. I gasp out loud. A little girl who has straight black hair and happiness in her eyes who looked like she was ten when this photograph was taken was killed? “Her mother – my daughter – killed her own child out of jealousy.”

I stare at the photograph again. What kind of person would kill an innocent kid? A monster!

“Thomas should be here by now,” Bibiana all of a sudden says. I have a feeling she’s changing the topic.

As if on cue, there are three knocks on the door.                   

“Come in, August,” Bibiana says with a smile. She immediately walk to the door where Augutus enter. I, on the other hand, busy myself by finishing the Coke.

Horror washes over me. August? Doesn’t she mean the dragon tattoo dude Augustus? What the heck is he doing here?

“Actually, Bibiana, I’m here just to pick Melanie up. Thomas’s orders,” he says apologetically. This is the first time I hear him talk to someone without any hostility.

Bipolar much?

“Oh,” Bibiana replies with disappointment coating in her voice. “When are you coming over again?”

What the heck are they talking about? Has Augustus been visiting her? The guy who gives everyone including Thomas and I a cold shoulder has a sweet spot for old Bibiana?

“Maybe later. Right now, I have to start training the newbie,” Augustus states bitterly.

I frown. I don’t doubt that he knows that I’m listening in to their conversation. After all, my seat is just behind Bibiana! What did I do to this guy again?

“She’s not that bad, August. Just give this poor girl a chance; I have a good feeling about her,” Bibiana defends me.

Augutus snorts. “You have a good feeling about everyone, Bi. I really need to get to work so I can finish it earlier. Can you just call her?”

Bibiana sighs and turn around to face me. She gives me a nice smile. “I’ll see you soon, Melanie!”

I put the empty mug on her desk and stand up, noticing that I’m a little taller than her. I smile back at her. “Thank you for everything, Bibiana.”

If possible, she looks like someone just stole the moon for her. “You’re welcome! See, August, she’s not that bad!”

Augustus grumbles under his breath before telling me loudly, “Come on, newbie.”

I huff in annoyance. Great, I’m stuck to grumpy pants.

Author's Note

Yay! Augustus! And poor Bibiana! What do you think will happen in the next update?





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