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Athena nods and leads me out where the limousine is. Once we’re seated and buckled up, we’re once again on the road, this time away from Meadow Falls.

“Alright, I’m going to give you some instructions on what you’re going to do once you’re in Newborough. You see, my daughter has no knowledge about me or herself. She lives with her mortal father in an apartment. I have applied you to her school so you can keep an eye on her. You may speak to her, if you wish, but if you don’t, that’s alright,” Athena says, seriousness overtakes her features.

I nod. “So she doesn’t know that you’re a goddess?” I ask.

“Yes,” Athena says sadly. “She thinks that I abandoned her. Truthfully, I never want to leave her in the first place. I have responsibilities in Mount Olympus to attend to so I hope you can convince her that it isn’t my decision to not be the mother I’m supposed to be for the last seven years.”

“How old is she?”

“She’s eighteen; just like you. Another reason why I picked you, you’re the youngest HQ agent trainee and I think that she will be comfortable with someone her age,” Athena explains, fiddling with her fingers.

“Okay…” I say, looking down at my hands in worry. What if I can’t do my job properly because of my lack of experience? What if I get her killed by accident? It hurts me if I’m unable to do a perfect job that Athena trusted me with. Hell, it’s her daughter I’m looking after! “Should I look out for any threats?”

“Yes, unfortunately. My daughter is going to face a lot once she receives her gifts. You see, she’s the Peacekeeper for the 21st century.”

I look at Athena in confusion. “And what does that mean…?”

“It means she’s going to maintain peace between the gods and the supernatural creatures,” Athena simplifies. “Every century, there would be a Demigod who turns out to be a Peacekeeper. Every Peacekeeper will have a Protector, usually HQ agents, so there wouldn’t be a war. Once the Peacekeeper is killed before the century ends, that angers the gods, especially the parent of the child who is murdered.”

I gulp in nervousness. Great, if I screw up, the whole world is screwed as well.

“Basically, Peacekeepers are difficult to find among other million other Demigods and are difficult to kill. This doesn’t mean they’re immortal though. My daughter is going to be at risk every second of her life after the day of her claim.”

“Day of her claim?” I repeat.

“I’ll claim her on her birthday, which is also the time she receives her gifts as Peacekeeper,” Athena patiently tells me. “That will also be the day her aura is going to be stronger so anything is able to detect her from anywhere. Anyone is able to track her down and kill her so they can attempt to either destroy the gods, or destroy their own world. You should look out for vampires, werewolves, Minotaurs, demons, and lots more, Melanie. These creatures are usually the ones after Peacekeepers. Believe me, there were many close calls in the past.”

“Alright, protect her and don’t let her get killed,” I say.

“Yes, and you have to bring her to a camp where she can enhance her gifts. This camp is for Demigods to train and learn about themselves. Once she’s claimed, the two of you must leave immediately for the camp.”

“Where is this camp?”

Athena holds out her hand towards me, making me really confused. A second later, her hands brighten and something appears on her palm. Slowly, I take the old-looking paper and stare at the blank page.

“That’s a map to Camp Hourlodge. It will reveal to you after my daughter has been claimed. No matter what, get her to Camp Hourlodge because she’ll be safe there for awhile.”

“So in the meantime, I’ll accompany her in this camp?”

“Yes, for one year until you are to return to HQ building and finish your training. You can, however, return to your job as her Protector after graduation if you want. You will have to talk about it with her because by then, she will be able to pick her own Protector and make her own decisions for the future,” Athena says.

The limousine stops suddenly. I look out to see that we’re in Meadow Falls airport.

“Here are your airplane ticket and your documents,” Athena says, giving me a small sling bag with my essentials in it. “I have to return to Mount Olympus immediately. You’ll find an address which you have to head over as soon as you land. It is an address to where my daughter and her father lives so you’re going to live with them. Timothy knows about you so you can explain everything to him, but my daughter is going to think that you’re staying with them as an exchange student from Gurney City.”

“So the father knows me and why you sent me. I’m not allowed to tell your daughter anything until she’s been claimed,” I repeat.

Athena smiles and then hugs me, catching me off guard. “I trust you, Melanie. Don’t worry, you’ll do well.”

“Thanks,” I say softly, hugging her back.

“You better get going if you want to catch your plane, Laney MacKenzie,” Athena says with a wink as she lets go of me. The driver opens my door right after that.

I smile at my new name. My name is Laney MacKenzie now with my new looks.

“Goodbye,” I tell her.

“Oh, and Melanie,” Athena says when I got out of the car. “Tell her I love her.”

My eyes soften instantly. Athena is a great mother, even if her daughter doesn’t know the full story. “I will.”

Once I enter the airport, Athena’s limousine disappeared. It didn’t take long for me to find my way around the airport and get into my plane to Newborough. I didn’t see anyone I recognize in the airport, so I got onto the plane with no time.

“Have a safe trip, Miss MacKenzie,” the airhostess tells me as she hands me back my ticket and passport.

I grin back and thank her back.

Three hours later, the plane land and just like Athena instructed, I take a cab and make my way to the address she gave.

Newborough looks nothing like Meadow Falls. Buildings surround the city, which is why I can’t spot any werewolves around here. Lina was right; this place must be popular for their music because I notice I pass by a lot of recording studios and music stores. Other than that, Newborough

The address Athena gave is in an ordinary-looking apartment. I hand the cab driver the right amount of money and start searching for the apartment.

Once I’m certain I’m in front of the correct door, I take a deep breath and knock twice before taking one step back.

“Dad! Get the door, please,” a female voice from inside yells out. Somehow, her voice sounds familiar.

“I will, I will.”

The door creeps open, revealing a man wearing a t-shirt and three-quarter pants. He also has stubbles, indicating that he hasn’t shaved for awhile.

My eyes widen in realization. I cannot believe I actually knew this man!

“Mr. Muller?!” I ask in shock.

Author's Note

No need to be disappointed, lovelies. I did mention that Melanie is going to see Nate one point in this book, right? And who is this Mr. Muller? More mystery! Mwahahaha!

Question: What is the name of the Sheriff in The Walking Dead? (I'm trying to piss Coke off purposely!)





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