Murder Mystery

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“I’m bored,” Wendy says, hovering gracefully towards me. I yawn and look at the bed opposite of mine to find it empty. Lisbeth must have gone to class early without waking me up.

Camp Hourlodge is full with Demigods, so Wendy and I have each other for company. I can see that after so many years of isolation from everyone except Clair – Hades’s daughter – she’s glad to have me as a companion.

I have to admit, having her around is kind of fun.

“Do you ever sleep?” I grumble to the ghost girl as I get up from my bed with a yawn following.

“I have been dead for ten years and am stuck in a ten-year-old ghost body, so the answer is no,” Wendy says, following me into the kitchen to have a simple breakfast. She sits at the stool by the counter while watching me make toast and pour orange juice into a mug.

“May I ask you a question, Wendy?” I ask before sipping some of my orange juice.

The little girl looks at me as she replies, “Ask away, Mel.”

I put down the mug and then reconsider. What if the question I ask offends her? She’s still ten and I don’t want to make a little girl cry.

Even if that girl is dead.

I have been hanging out with Wendy for days now since Lisbeth is busy doing Demigod stuff. Apparently, she’s learning about Greek Gods and other myths. I helped her as much I could, but I only learnt the basics in HQ.

“How did you die?” I ask almost silently.

Wendy stares at me while she thinks of ways to explain. “It was a Sunday morning, so it was a routine for us to have breakfast at Larry’s Coffee House before we head over to visit my grandma…”

The girl scrunches up her face when she pauses.

“Larry’s Coffee House,” I repeat in a murmur. The name of the coffee house sounds so familiar.

“We used to live in Gurney City,” Wendy says, listening to my mumbles.

No wonder it sounds familiar. I remember passing by Larry’s Coffee House when Nate and I came to Gurney City for the hunter meet-up in HQ.

That very thought makes me depress. My twin brother Nate is out there, still missing, while I’m stuck here in Blanefield. Even if Lisbeth doesn’t need me for security reasons, I am here to restore our friendship. I can’t help but feel guilty for ignoring her and throwing away our friendship when we were younger. I feel like I owe it to her.

“I can’t remember much…” Wendy trails off. She shudders noticeably. “But I do remember the face of my murderer. It was a man with the face of a devil and eyes coated without mercy.”

My toast jumps out of the toaster, making me flinch in surprise. Silently, I retrieve my toast and nibble on them. Wendy does not chat as much after I asked her a question about her death.

Somehow, inside of me, I feel guilty for asking her. Especially since she’s ten and all.

“So what do you want to do today?” I ask her when I finish up my breakfast. Hopefully I can cheer her up.

As predicted, she smiles brightly. Thoughts of death gone.

“Can we go to town? Please? Clair never lets me go to town alone,” Wendy whines with a pout.

I laugh. “Sure, kid. Let’s me change first before we tell Ziggy about – ”

“Yay!” Wendy cuts me off happily, jumping off her stool. “You go and change while I tell Ziggy!”

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