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The four of them stiffen at my words. Fire and Water look at each other whereas Air steps towards me. His suspicious eyes travel my body from bottom to top. Augustus growls lowly when Air’s eyes linger longer than supposed to.

“How do you know us?” Air asks in a deep voice. Outside, I see leaves flying past due to the strong wind. I have a feeling Air is controlling the wind since his light blue eyes seem to be glowing.

“We have been keeping ourselves out of public eye until now. You seem to know more about us than we did ourselves,” Water says in a smooth voice. I notice she’s in a defensive stance in front of Earth.

Fire, though, is the only one who isn’t paying attention as he lights up his finger every time he snaps them.

“It isn’t that difficult,” Augustus tells them. “You’re technically in our textbooks.”

This time, all four of them stare at Augustus.

“Don’t play games with me, boy,” Air snarls, advancing towards Augustus and push him back until his back touches the wall of the Indian restaurant. The door of the Indian restaurant burst open at the force of the wind. It shows how little Air’s impatience is thinning. “What are you? What does the demon want from you?”

Augustus smirks suddenly, showing mischievousness. “I don’t know what it wants from me, but if you like, I can show you what I am.”

“Augustus!” I scold him. We can’t risk our identity. Even if the demon recognizes Augustus’s appearance, they do not know that I am no longer in my own looks. It won’t take long until they find out.

“Don’t worry, newbie,” he tells me with a wink. I see Air tightens his grip on Augustus’s collar.

“Just tell us already!” Air hisses at him. Augustus looks at Fire and then at me. I understand immediately. We’re not going to shift to prove our point.

We’re just going to show what we’re made of.

Water looks at Augustus and I warily, like she’s trying to figure out what we’re up to. I let myself get angry at Thomas and the problems he had caused us. My hands are glowing red.

I turn to look at Augustus whose hands are shaking.

“Carlisle! Watch out!” Water screams, a large tsunami appears from the kitchen. It rushes towards me in high velocity.

“Hell,” I curse, dodging the incoming water.

Air – his real name Carlisle – is too slow to understand Water and is kicked in the chest by Augustus. A part of the tsunami that almost hit me hovers towards Augustus’s open hands.

The best thing about being a rare shifter is the gift of controlling our own element is in the package.

The amount of water in Augustus’s hands grows until it forms a gigantic hand. Augustus cracks his fingers. The gigantic water hand that is hovering in front of him mimics his actions.

“Sebastian!” Carlisle yells at Fire. Augustus punches Carlisle with his water hands so hard that Carlisle flies to the front part of the Indian restaurant and hit the glass window. The glass cracks.

Sebastian glances at Carlisle briefly and then at Augustus. I know Augustus is able to handle him so I keep my attention on the girl that controls the water element. She still stands in front of Earth as if she’s a gem. Earth looks vulnerable but casting curious glances at me.

“Stay away,” Water warns me. The tsunami reappears next to her, waiting to hit me again.

“I mean no harm,” I tell her slowly, holding up my hands.

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