Rescue Mission

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“What the hell?” I scream, trying to open the locked door of the moving vehicle. “Unlock this door or I shall barbeque you to death!”

“Listen, Melanie, we’re running out of time,” Tyler pleads.

“I don’t care! You’re a traitor! So is your uncle!”

Tyler shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Mel. I’m so sorry. It’s not our fault. Well, actually, it was. We just didn’t realize…”

“What are you talking?” I ask sharply, glaring at him.

He sounds so sincere. So genuine that I nearly believed him. I can’t, though. He betrayed us all. It’s because of his sickening uncle that we’re in this situation.

He takes a deep breath before swirling the car into the opposite lane. In panic, I grab the sides of my seat to balance myself. A few cars honk in our way, but Tyler does not pay them any mind.

“My uncle doesn’t want war against the gods,” Tyler tells me, squinting his eyes at something in the road.

I recognize this road. We’re on our way to Great York.

I give him a look of confusion. “What?”

“We were controlled by unrest spirits so it makes us look like the bad guys. We were framed,” he explains.

“Then who’s behind all this?”

Tyler’s face darkens as he answers, “Asmodeus.”

I cringe away from him. Asmodeus is also known as the King of Demons. It is said his ultimate goal is to rule not just the world, but the universe. Now I know that the there’s a possibility that gods might be defeated.

“Asmodeus has his two followed control my uncle and I like puppets. You see, he gains control by our fear. At first, he managed to convince us to steal other people’s guardian animals,” Tyler explains regretfully.

“You stole the guardian animals?” I repeat. At this point, my head is spinning with information.

Tyler only looks at me with shame before concentrating on the road. “I’m sorry, Mel. We’re sorry. I do not deserve this guardian lion. I stole him because I didn’t like the thought of having a mouse as a guardian animal. It was selfish of me to do so!”

I ignore the wave of sadness from him and go straight to the point. This is the fate of the world we’re talking about. “How did you steal them?”

“The Decider’s daughter.”

Everything makes bloody sense. It looks like Wendy’s mum is alive after all. Until this day, I have never realized the possibility of her survival. Wendy may be killed but Wendy’s mum has her powers to open the guardian animal portal.

“What do you want from me?” I ask, keeping my hands close to me. If his answer does not satisfy me, I’m going to set this car on fire and jump out regardless of the velocity we’re travelling in.

“I need your help to rescue Eileen and break her out of there,” Tyler says with a serious face on. “I am aware of my previous mistakes and so is my uncle. The only reason why we can’t break her out ourselves is because Asmodeus has his own followers controlling us like puppets. Today is the only chance I have since it is the Day of the Dead. My controller is weak on days like this so I managed to get my mind back. I need your help to get her out of there, Melanie. She’s close to the brink of death.”

I glare at him. “I don’t trust you.”

“You don’t have to. I just need you to help me with this. She does not deserve this.”

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