A Call to Mary

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I don’t know why, but I feel numb as soon as I hear the news. There are no survivors, so does that mean Hunter Headquarters no longer exist?

No survivors. Lina. Director Thomas. Nero. Bobbi. Ella. Lucy. Leo. They’re all dead.

Augustus Caesar.

I shake my head. No, I can’t lose hope. Maybe they escaped from the fire. Just maybe.

“Turn up the volume!” I yell at the waiter that is holding the TV remote. He immediately complies.

“Officer, what happened? Are there any survivors?” the reporter asks, pointing the microphone to one of the policemen that is blocking the other reporters from going near the devastating scene.

“We have no idea what started the fire, but we’re grateful for a civilian for contacting the fire department about smelling smoke coming room this building. Buildings nearby are evacuated three minutes after the call. If it wasn’t for the civilian, Gurney City would have been ashes as well,” the officer replies gloomily.

“There are no survivors then?” the reporter repeats.

I hold my breath as the policeman hesitates. “We’re not sure about that. No one was seen coming out of the building and experts say that it isn’t possible for anyone who’s inside to survive a fire that great.”

The reporter brings the microphone back to herself. “How many bodies have you found so far?”

The officer looks back at the fallen building. A few firemen were carrying stretchers with white sheet over the body. The sight makes me gulp.

“At the very moment, we have found at least sixty bodies,” the officer replies. I whimper quietly. Sixty souls gone. Sixty out of two hundred bodies are found.

“Thank you, officer. I’m Alice and this is Gurney News.”

I stare at the TV screen that is now telecasting an advertisement.

“Are you okay, Laney?” Lisbeth asks with concern. I blink and turn back to see them staring at me.

I do not reply.

“Here’re the food. Enjoy!” the bubbly waitress says after serving our food. I stare at the plate in front of me, not feeling hungry.

“You should eat,” Caleb tells me.

I sigh. “I need to make a phone call. I trust you to keep an eye on Lisbeth while I’m gone.”

Just when I’m about to leave the café, Lisbeth grabs my arm. “What’s going on, Laney? What’s bugging you?”

“Nothing,” I lie, trying to walk past her. She steps aside, blocking me again.

“You’re lying,” she states. “Tell me, Laney.”

“My name is not Laney,” I say. “I’m not from Gurney City either, but I have people I care in Gurney City. They were in that building.”

Lisbeth looks shocked at my outburst. I feel like exploding with all kinds of emotions. Sure, I don’t like HQ’s rules, but I understand why there are rules. Director Thomas has always been my favorite uncle, even if he can be a little harsh on me sometimes during lessons. Augustus may be a pain in the butt; he has a reason to be. My newly-made friends. They’re all gone.

I need to find out whether HQ still exists.

“I have to go. Stay close to Caleb,” I instruct then slip out of the café. Once I’m certain I’m not followed, I dial in HQ’s number. It is the number that all hunters use to contact Hunter Headquarters and I’ve been using this number when I was still a werewolf hunter.

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