SPECIAL: Someone Else's POV

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Nate’s POV

“Nate?” a soft voice that belongs to my adoptive sister calls out. I have to admit, I’m not acting like a responsible brother to her after what has happened.

“Just give me a moment, Cass,” I say, standing up and try to make myself look like I wasn’t crying a few seconds ago.

Instead, Cassie ignores me and let herself in. The door creaks open, revealing the young Lycan in a light blue dress with a little bit of makeup on which I wonder briefly whether she’s going out after this.

I watch as her face expression twists from surprise to horror at the sight of my damaged room that makes me look down at the floor in shame. She’s not supposed to see that no matter what. She’s a sister to me just like Melanie was.

Melanie, my twin sister who had been my anchor all my life. She was the only reason I hadn’t gone insane after our parents’ death. It was because of her I forced myself to move on and step up to protect her.

I shake my head at that very thought. No more thinking of Melanie. No more or I would shed tears in front of my little sister.

This is the fifth time I trashed my room and Gwen is the only one who sees me in my worst state. I can’t help but feel guilty. She’s busy with the baby and I’m only adding her burden. Not to mention I’m the father and I’m not helping her go through this pregnancy.

At the same time, I can’t help but let out my anger upon my room. It’s either my room or someone who’s close to me. I’d rather destroy the room than destroy a relationship with my loved ones.

It has been five months since my twin sister has disappeared. Alpha Green still doesn’t trust me enough to go out of the pack house, and I have to admit, it’s driving me insane.

Antoine and Emma has been checking up on me every day, but I never acknowledge their existence. I’m angry at them for not letting me do my job as a brother. I’ve seen Rick once in a while and the last time I say him, he was pleading me to talk to him and the others. He told me that Cassie had been worried of me after I told her that Melanie is gone. I haven’t been acting like a brother to her ever since the day that changed me and made me mute to everyone except for my mate.

Just when I made my decision to speak to them, Antoine got me a psychiatrist. That got me pissed off more than ever. Who in the world would hire a psychiatrist to get your friend to talk to them?

Antoine, apparently.

The psychiatrist was a pain in the butt and keeps getting on my nerves. For one whole bloody hour, he asked me all kinds of ridiculous questions about ‘how I feel’. Being a vicious hunter, I attacked him and left a huge scar on his face. Luckily for the psychiatrist, Gwen was there or else I would have ripped his head off without hesitant.

Gwen was the only one I talk to. She would ask me questions about how I feel, but I won’t be angry at her like I was at the psychiatrist. I would reply her with one-word answers, which is enough to satisfy her. The only time I would really talk is when it’s about the baby.

That thought makes me smile. Victoria, Gwen’s and my daughter. I’m going to make sure I’m going to be the best father to her.

My smile deflates instantly. At that very thought, I realize I’m not a good mate to Gwen. She has been seeing the pack doctor alone since I’m not allowed to get out of the house. She would update me every time she goes for an appointment.

Sometimes, she would disappear for hours, making me crazy in worry. Alpha Green ordered Antoine to watch over me so he didn’t let me look for Gwen.

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