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“Here you go, buddy,” I say, throwing an oversized jeans that I carry around in case of emergency at Caleb.

He huffs and takes the jeans carefully with his long claws. I stare at the half bull half man in awestruck. This is the first time I actually seen a real Minotaur up close because the only picture I’ve seen of a Minotaur is in my Greek Mythology textbook that Thomas taught me. I can only remember some parts of the lecture…

“Minotaur’s and Medusa’s lineage exists,” Thomas answered when I asked him whether any other creatures from the Greek myth still exist.

“Really?” I ask in astonishment.                   

“Yes, although over the years, they have regain the human side of them because of Athena’s sympathy over these loyal creatures. They are similar to werewolves, just that they have the original Minotaur’s blood running in their veins. Technically, all Minotaurs are related. That’s not important until the second year so it’s best if you concentrate on the gods alone.”

“Lisbeth?” Caleb calls out with clear voice, coming out of the shadows with only the pair of jeans I gave him.

“Caleb.” Lisbeth walks over to him with an unrecognizable expression on her face.

Caleb looks down at his bare feet. “I’m sorry I – ”

Lisbeth then kisses him in the lips to shut him up. I look at the other Minotaur who is still passed out. I kick his big body, making the beast let out a grunt.

“That’s what you get for hurting Lisbeth, you hairy ass,” I sneer, kicking him again at the legs this time.

“I think our Alpha would do a lot worse than what you and I did to him combined once I report this to him,” Caleb tells me, holding Lisbeth’s waist with one protective arm.

I shrug. “Whatever you say, Greek beast.”

“Alpha?” Lisbeth asks, looking at Caleb.

“The leader of my coven.”

I groan out loud. Great, now Lisbeth knows that the supernatural world exists! Do you know what that means? More surprise attacks.

“I suggest you ask your Alpha to kill him,” I tell Caleb without emotions in my voice, making Lisbeth gasps in horror.

“You can’t do that!”

“Technically, he will be since he nearly hurt and killed a mortal. It’s against the rules to hurt or reveal our existence to humans unless if they’re our mates,” Caleb explains.

I whack Caleb in the arm for revealing too much information.

“Do you just have to? For the love of God, I swear I will kill you if you say more,” I rant.

“Wait, mate?”

Caleb shakes his head at her. “I’ll tell you later. I promise.”

Lisbeth relaxes into his arms. “Okay.”

I huff out in annoyance. “Right, now can we please have lunch? I’m starving.”

We walk to a café instead of the Italian restaurant that Lisbeth wanted to go earlier and have lunch there with Caleb joining us. He excused himself the moment a waitress came to our table for our orders as he needs to call his Alpha about the matter.

“So are you like Caleb? A Minotaur?” Lisbeth asks me after the waitress walks off.

I shake my head. “No, I’m not. So how long have you known that Caleb and I are not human?”

She looks embarrassed when I say that. “The day he growled at you on your first day. I thought that it isn’t natural and something is bugging me that he’s out of the ordinary. After seven years of knowing him, I feel like I don’t know him after what just happened.”

“I’m sorry, Liz,” Caleb apologize, appearing out of nowhere. He slips into the seat next to her, so the two of them are facing me. “I just thought that I’ll tell you when the right time comes…”

“Do you love me, Caleb?”

The Minotaur looks shock at her question. “Of course I do, Lisbeth! I would do anything to prove my worth to you. I’ll kill anyone who disrespects you, I’ll steal the moon, if it makes you happy. Everything that I do may be considered stupid, but I would do it to show you my love for you!”

I swear, that must be the cheesiest statement I’ve ever heard from him. Lisbeth, though, looks like she’s the happiest girl on earth.

“I love you,” she murmurs, leaning in towards him and kisses him in the lips.

“And I you,” he replies while kissing.

I cough out loud. “Uh, guys, I’m here.”

They ignore me and continue kissing. I sigh out loud in annoyance. This must be the fourth time a couple kissed in front of me. One was Nate and Gwen, then Emma and Antoine, next was Cassie and Rick, and now it’s Caleb and Lisbeth.

What do all these couple have in common? They’re important people to me.

Now that I know what Caleb is and know that he genuinely love Lisbeth, I don’t worry as much as I did before. He can protect her is I’m not around.

“Yeah, Laney’s right, please break it up,” Eleanor says, walking towards us.

“What are you doing here?” Lisbeth questions after breaking off the kiss. Heck, even I’m surprised she’s here. Eleanor seems to be always near her cousin.

“I called her here,” Caleb answers, kissing Lisbeth’s nose.

“So you’re a Minotaur as well?” I ask her when she takes the seat next to me.

“Yeah, but it’s rare to have female Minotaurs. I’m the third female in our coven so it’s kind of difficult to bring clothes around with me all the time,” she tells me. “So are you going to tell us what you are now, Laney?”

I narrow my eyes at her. “Nope.”

“Are you an Elemental, then?” Caleb asks me. “Whatever that is. I don’t know any creatures, other than humans, gods and Minotaurs.”

“Gods?” Lisbeth questions, but all of us ignore her.

“No, I’m not an Elemental.”

Elementals are chosen humans to have the gift to control the elements, but it depends on their personality. Every four humans are picked every century, just like a Peacekeeper.

I’m surprised Sonny knows something more than I expected.

“What does Sonny mean by me being a ‘Peacekeeper’?” Lisbeth asks, looking at all of us. The two Minotaurs shrug so now everyone turn to look at me.

“I can’t tell you,” I exclaim.

“Why the hell not?” Eleanor asks with intimidation in her eyes.  

“I cannot tell you and – ”

I’m being interrupted when I hear very familiar words coming from a reporter’s voice. “Here I stand, in the middle of Gurney City where a mysterious fire has started in the Warner Brothers’ building, killing everyone inside,” the reporter says.

 I turn around to face the TV screen where everyone else in the café is watching too. I recognize the building that is behind the reporter.

It is the HQ building that is now nothing but ashes on the ground.

Author's Note

Oh no! HQ is down! 





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