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“Where am I?”

That’s the first question I ask when I open my eyes to find myself in an unfamiliar white room.

A blonde woman who used to guide my twin brother, Nate, and I the last time we came to the HQ building appears in front of me. She wears a long-sleeved white dress that hugs her slender body fittingly and white boots. Her blonde hair is tied into a high pony-tail. Her eyes are the scariest; dark eyes.

“You’re in the HQ infirmary, 85,” she tells me.

That voice… It is the familiar voice I heard before I passed out after the battle with the werewolf-vampire hybrids.

“You! You were at the woods!” I say in realization. Unfortunately for me, I start to cough because of my dry throat. A small part of me wonders how long I’ve been passed out.

“Yes,” she answers me calmly as she helps me drink a glass of water since I can’t move my hands. I drink it as if I’ve been stuck in the desert for one week.

“I’m not dead,” I state after I drink the glass until it is empty. With that, I pinch myself. I feel that sting. I’m alive; not dead.

But I don’t understand. Cassie and the kids from the future visited me through my dreams, told me that I’ll be dead. They distinctively told me that I’ll save Nate and Gwen, his werewolf mate.

The realization smacks me across the face: Cassie did mention I disappeared off the face of Earth.

This means I’m never going to see Nate again.

“Yes,” the HQ agent says again. “You’re not dead.”

“How long have I have been unconscious?”

“Three days.”

“Three days?!” I repeat in bewilderment. That’s why I feel so sore. “What about 86? My twin brother? Is he okay?” I ask worriedly. I want to so badly jump out of bed and drive to Meadow Falls to check on him. I move slightly, only to wince in pain when I put a little pressure on my arm and legs.

It looks like I’m not going anywhere for awhile.

“Yes, he’s healthy,” she informs me. I sigh in relief. Nate is okay. Thank goodness.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Then what am I doing in Gurney City?”

She smiles. “You’re an HQ agent now, Melanie.”

“How do you know my name?” I question, a little shock that she knows my name this time.

“I’m the HQ agent assigned to watch your twin and you in Meadow Falls ever since you moved there. It is my duty to watch your every move just in case if you break any of the rules,” she explains. It kind of makes sense.

If you’re confused, let me explain. My brother and I were werewolf hunters, better known as The Deadly Twins. All hunters are humans, just that we are thought to be supernatural because of our extraordinary strength and stamina that has been built over the years of training. We were traveling from town to town to kill of dangerous werewolves also know as rogues. However, it all changed when we moved to Meadow Falls. Nate met his soulmate, Gwen, who is the Beta of the pack in Meadow Falls, called the Red Moon Pack.

Now, Gwen is pregnant with Victoria and engaged to Nate. In twelve years time, Victoria and her brother, Nicholas will steal a potion to visit me and warn me of my death.

A part of it is not true. I’m just thought to be dead to everyone. In order to become an HQ agent, you are not to have a lover or visit your family members who are not a part of HQ.

Being an HQ agent has been my dream ever since I became a werewolf hunter.

I nod, taking it all in. “Alright. So I’m an HQ agent now.”

“Technically, not yet. You’re going to have to see Director first. He’s going to brief you on your new life. You’re also special since Director favors you to become the next Director.”

I’m not surprised. Director did mention that when he visited me in Meadow Falls a few months ago. “I can’t see Nate anymore.”

The woman nods slowly. “Yes.”

“When can I see him?”

“Once you’re trained.”

“And that will be when?” I press on.

The agent sighs. “It depends on you whether you can finish training earlier or later. The average number of years is three.”

I sniff. Three years of training, then I can see my brother. Although he won’t know that I’m alive. Three years would be when Antoine will be Alpha and announce my death.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Mary,” she replies with a grin that shows off her pearly white teeth. Mary is attractive, just like all the HQ agents. They are like swans where as I’m an ugly duckling.

“Nice to meet you, Mary. My name is Melanie.”

“Nice to meet you too, Melanie.” We shake hands. I notice that her sleeve raises a little to reveal a tattoo that is hiding. I realize that all HQ agents wear long sleeves. Why? I have no idea as well.

“I’ll call the nurse to get you a wheelchair,” Mary says, walking towards the door. She stops in her tracks and glances at me when she adds, “Do you need anything else?”

I grin. “Do you think you can get a can of Coke?”

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