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I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Anyway, I've counted the votes. I can promise you that I'm fair and square. Let me tell you, the two options are neck-to-neck, but there is a winner.

The winner is Equilibrium!

Don't worry if you did not pick Equilibrium. Once I finished Equilibrium, I MIGHT write Full Moon too. 


Another thing, I apologize about the typo in the last update. There were only two options, not three. I was planning to give you three, but meh, the other idea does not sound that good to me. 

Pllus, I decided NOT to edit Meadow Falls or Gurney City. The reason why is because I'm currently writing a remake of Meadow Falls and Gurney City. I'm not going to post it on Wattpad because I'm planning on sending it to publishers instead. 


I think that's all.

Wait, don't forget to check out Equilibrium! It's already posted and I hope you guys are nice enough to give it a chance. 


That's all.





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