The Decider and Hazard

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“Alright! Once you get your guardian animal, come and find me! Promise me!” Lina pleads when the both of us are in front of Thomas’s office on the next day.

I give her a half-smile. “I’m sure it won’t be as special as you think it will be.”

Lina gives me a light slap to the shoulder. “Not special? Oh honey, I’m one hundred percent sure that your guardian animal is going to be either predatory or rare since Thomas is training you.”

I shrug.

“Promise me I’ll be the third person to know of your guardian animal,” Lina says sternly.

“Why third…?”

“The first will be The Decider, second is Thomas and me third. Now promise me.”

I sigh, more annoyed than amused by her behavior. “I promise.”

She squeals and hugs me.

“In you go! See you in a few hours time!” Lina calls out as she briskly walks away towards her class. In a second, she’s no longer in sight.

Slowly and warily, I knock on Thomas’s door.

“Come in, Melanie,” Thomas says.

I enter and see Thomas sitting in his chair with Augustus sitting opposite of him with an annoyed look.

“Melanie! This is Augustus. Augustus, be nice for once and say hello,” Thomas says cheerily.

“Hello,” I say softly, casting a quick glance at him.

Augustus does not say anything, only nod in my direction in acknowledgement. Thomas sighs.

“I guess you know what day is today, don’t you, Melanie?” Thomas asks me.

“I’ll get my guardian animal today,” I answer, looking at Thomas’s tattoo. There is a hint of excitement and exhaustion in my voice. I barely slept last night because of the thought of Nate suffering in MeadowFalls.

“Yes, you are. Come on, I’m taking you to see The Decider now. Augustus, please read up on Susa-no-o and I’ll quiz you after sending Melanie to The Decider,” Thomas instructs.

Augustus says nothing but takes out a thick book and starts reading it. Thomas sighs again and looks at me with a weak smile.

“Follow me and don’t loose sight of me; the way to The Decider’s office is long and forgettable,” Thomas advices me.

I nod in agreement. Augustus scoffs a little, making Thomas glare at him. The dragon tattoo dude ignores us as he continues to read the Japanese myth.

“The Decider is one of the last Deciders left alive in this world, so I suggest you lay off the topic of families,” Thomas tells me when we walk out of his office and through the dark hallway.

Thomas was right; we walk down the end of the hallway and take a corner to the right, then the second from the left and then I’ve forgotten the way. I had to catch up with Thomas, who is walking briskly so I won’t get lost in the HQ building.

Finally, Thomas stops in front of an ordinary-looking door.

Thomas knocks on the door hesitantly.

“Come in, Director,” a feminine voice that holds wisdom in it says.

The first thing I see when Thomas opens the door is an old lady standing by the open window with Hazard on her shoulder.

Author's Note

Hey people! You should know that my exam results are terrible and that might get me killed by my parents. Just to let you know that you're invited to my funeral. (Gosh, I'm exaggerating right now since I'm scared like shit to tell this to my parents. Any suggestions on how to get them less mad at me?)





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