Dance Lessons

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It’s six in the evening and I am staring at myself in the mirror. The dress Augustus bought for me fits me really well, which makes me wonder if he had simply guessed the size or was it Aurora’s old dress before she turned into a mermaid.

The dress is nothing like the ones I usually see selling in the mall or suitable to be worn in high school prom. It is a Victorian era styled ballroom red-coloured dress that is really tight at my chest but very puffy at the bottom. The dress even has a high collar that conceals the back of my neck and is long-sleeved so I can hide my glowing Xuihcoatl tattoo. On my dressing table are some accessories that are supposed to be worn with the dress. First, I put on a beautiful silver bracelet and then I put on some light makeup.

My lips are now red and full. My dark eyes shine with a tint of excitement in them. Not to mention my cheeks are slightly pink like I’m blushing. At least I do not look like Taylor Swift in her music video Blank Space.

The only thing that stops me from looking like I’m from the 1800s is my short hairstyle with my fringe covering my right eye. I miss my old hair. My old hair would have been long and wavy so I could easily braid them into a nice bun.

Once the war is over, I will have my old hair back.

I will look like me again.

The least Athena can do is to let me die looking like myself. No matter what or how I’m going to die.

I shake my head. Now is not the best time to think about my upcoming death. It will be either Lisbeth and the world or me.

Lisbeth and the world is not an option to me. I would have no one by myself to blame for Lisbeth’s possible death and the war against the gods.

“Melanie, are you ready?” Mary asks from outside.

“Come in,” I tell her, quickly putting on my façade so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I can’t tell anyone about my fate. The only person who deserves to know is Nate.

I don’t want to add more burdens into his hands. Nate is the last person I want to hurt. He is innocent. Thomas has no rights to use him against mum.

“Wow,” Mary gasps.

I look at her through the mirror as she walks closer to me from behind. She too is wearing a ballroom dress, just that hers is beige in colour. Her long blond hair is pulled back and tied into a bun. Mary looks like she just stepped from a time machine from the 1800s. “I can’t do anything about my hair though.”

Mary laughs and puts a rectangular box on my bed. “Your new hairstyle makes you look like a mixture of a biker girl and Queen Victoria.”

“Thanks, it makes me feel so special to look out of the ordinary,” I say sarcastically, turning to face her.

“This might help,” she says, stepping forward. Her hands raise so one of her hands pushing my fringe away from my eye and the other to fasten a clip.

I turn to look at the mirror again to see that I don’t look so much like a biker girl.

“Thanks,” I tell her sincerely.

“And you have to wear these heels,” she adds, taking out a pair of black heels.

I look at her like she’s crazy. “I am not going to wear those death traps.”

“It’s going to fit your dress,” Mary argues.

“If I do, I’m going to fall!”

“That’s why I’m going to teach you how to walk in heels.”

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