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I tug onto Lisbeth’s arm while we run to catch up with the train to Blanefield. We have another three more minutes before the train departures.

“Hurry up!” I tell Lisbeth.

For the last hour, she does not respond to me nor glance in my way. It is as if her body shut down after Caleb’s attack.

Luckily, we manage to catch up with the train and get to our seats before the train leaves Newborough Station. I sit opposite Lisbeth, by the window. She stares down at her lap, not saying a word.

“Please talk to me,” I plead with her. All my life, this is the first time I have no idea what to do. Lisbeth’s reaction worries me. She had never shut me out before, unless if she’s pissed at me.

“I can’t believe Caleb tried to kill dad,” she mumbles brokenly.

“It’s not his fault, Lisbeth. His Minotaur was too frustrated with questions that Caleb is unable to control himself,” I softly answer.

Lisbeth looks up at me. She knows that I’m telling the truth. It is her gift, after all, to know whether she’s lied to or not. “You said you’re going to tell me everything. Are you going to now?”

I lean back so I’m comfortable in my seat. “Ask away.”

She stares into my eyes as she asks, “What are you?”

“Why did you avoid me years ago, Melanie? You were my best friend. When I asked Nate why, he wouldn’t tell. The next thing I know, you two vanished! Where did you go? Why didn’t you tell me?” Lisbeth asks, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

I take a deep breath before answering, “My parents died ten years ago, Lisbeth. Their friends happened to found Nate and I to deliver the news. My parents were HQ agents.”

“What is that?” Lisbeth interjects.

“HQ agents are shifters who keep the balance intact. For example, we have to keep watch on werewolf hunters so they won’t be too obsessive to kill every werewolf in sight.”

The Demigod looks like she is a kid in a carnival, looking at all the rides with amazement. “Werewolves exist? So are hunters?”

“Yes, in fact, Nate and I were werewolf hunters,” I answer patiently. “Where was I? Oh right, after the HQ agents found us, they told us about werewolves and vampires. They gave us a choice whether we want to be a hunter or we would be sent to an orphanage. Of course, Nate and I picked to be hunters…”

“What?!” she yells. Someone behind her seat hushes at her, making her apologize quickly. “That’s not fair! It’s either you were forced to hunt dangerous creatures at the age of ten or being shipped off to the orphanage!”

I sigh. “We didn’t have much of a choice so we picked to be werewolf hunters just like our parents.”

“I thought your parents were these HQ agents…”

“You see, in order to become an HQ agent, you must be human and have at least ten years of hunting experience. So that’s what I exactly did as well. I started to train this year to become an HQ agent.”

She furrows her eyebrows. “Then if you’re supposed to train, what are you doing here in Newborough?”

“Ahh, it’s because I joined an exchange program to protect you. I didn’t know it was you, but I’m glad that it’s you,” I say.

“Me?” she repeats. “What’s so special about me?”

I cough uneasily. “You see, I was sent here… To protect you… By your mother.”

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