More Surprises

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“Come on, Melanie. Breathe!” Augustus desperate voice is registered in my head. I feel like something is stuck in me, unable to come out.

A force pushes my chest down hard, making me jerk at how worse the feeling in me is getting. I can’t see anything but blackness.

Am I blind?

What happened? I try to recollect the last moments I remember before I black out. I was supposed to go to Gurney City with Wendy, but something stopped me.

“You bloody idiot, August,” a feminine voice says, almost song-like. “You should have told her to at least hold her breath before you push her in.”

Ah, now I remember.

I’m going to kill Augustus Caesar.

“I was in a hurry, okay? Who knows, the wrong person might get her instead, just like – ”

“August,” the girl says sternly. “Shut up and try to get her to breathe again. She’s not breathing for five minutes now.”

“Right,” he mumbles. Then I realize, the warm source is coming from Augustus as he pushes my chest down again. God, he’s making the uncomfortable feeling worse than before.

I can’t seem to have any of my senses except for my hearing, which is slightly getting better every second. My lungs feel like they went for a ten-mile marathon and went through a military camp.

“Dimwit, you must make her breathe,” the girl suggests sarcastically.

I do not hear Augustus reply, but warm lips touch my cold ones, blowing air into me. My eyes open in shock when I see that Augustus, who is wearing the same cloak as before, putting his lips on mine.

He pulls back instantly. I feel something rising up my oesophagus and bend forward only to cough out water. Augustus helps me breathe properly by patting on my back while I wheeze and struggle for my breath for the next minute or so.

After I’m feeling much better, I glare at Augustus. Without a warning, I punch him in the chest.

“That is for pushing me into a damn river,” I scream at him. He looks surprised at my outburst. He also looks amused.

How dare he.

I knee him in the groin next, making him fall to the ground with a painful expression on his face.

“And that is for kissing me!”

Augustus continues to moan out loud in pain. “I deserve the punch, but not the second one.”

“That was my first kiss so you deserve a lot worse,” I say darkly, thinking of many different ways to torture him.

A girl’s musical laugh catches my attention. I wheel around to see that I’m by the river, but not anywhere I recognize.

Not just that, the owner of the voice is a mermaid.

“Pardon my brother,” she tells me after she laughs. “He can be a pain sometimes.”

I stare at her with amazement. She has dark eyes, just like Augustus. Other than that, she is completely different from Augustus. Her hair is bright red in colour and so is her long tail. Half of her body, the human side of her, is on land whilst her tail is in the water. She has two white shells that cover her breast, which looks like they are stuck to her.

“Forgive me for pulling you deeper into the river. I assumed that Augustus had warned you about that part,” she says.

I look at Augustus who is still on the ground.

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