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“Isaac is going to go down and find Aurora,” Augustus explains while we walking in the woods to the open sea. I nod although I do not understand.

He takes a step back away from me and then shut his eyes. His tattoo glows brightly. I can feel Anna stirring inside of me like she’s excited over something. Augustus grunts softly when the claws appear from his cracked-looking tattoo. Slowly, the rest of the body is out before it grows into its large size.

Isaac’s dark eyes are on me.

“Mate,” Anna purrs inside of me.

“Mine,” a low voice echoes in my head, making me flinch. I look at the water dragon in shock.

Was that voice belonged to Augustus’s guardian animal?

Augustus pats Isaac’s body. It seems as if they’re communicating with each other, so I take this opportunity to speak with Anna. It has been awhile since I talked to her since she’s usually hiding behind of my head, letting me take control of almost everything.

She knows that we’re going to die. She knows that our deaths are necessary.

“What do you mean by mate?” I think to Anna.

“We’re bonded ever since you and Augustus mated. We pick our mates, remember?” Anna explains.

I look at Augustus who is staring at me with deep emotion. “Does this mean we can read each other’s thoughts?”

“Why don’t you give it a shot?”

I stare at Augustus as I imagine myself penetrating his mind. Augustus is no longer looking at me, but at Isaac.

“Hello?” I try to reach him through our supposed bond. He does not move at all. “HELLO?”

This time, he jumps in surprise. “Holy crap,” he says, giving me a look full of confusion. “What was that?”

“We can communicate through our heads. Awesome, huh?”

“How did you do that?” Augustus demands, scrunching his face in concentration.

“Why should I tell you? Now I can haunt you to death,” I link him with a laugh.

He rolls his eyes. “I’ll figure out eventually.” Augustus concentrates on Isaac next and I can hear them communicating through their bond. He told Isaac to find Aurora and get her to the surface.

“Is it safe?” I ask Augustus. “For her to come up to the surface, I mean. Since she’s pregnant.”

Augustus ignores me, making me huff in annoyance. I watch Isaac nodding before he gracefully dive into the lake. Once he’s out of my sight, I walk over to Augustus who is staring at the ripples.

I hug him sideways, resting my head on his shoulder. He responds quickly by kissing my hair and leaning his cheeks against my head.

“You’re still not pissed at Aurora, are you?”

Augustus sighs. “A little bit. Like come on! She knows better than to go and – ”

“August, she’s your sister,” I tell him in a matter-of-fact tone.

“And she’s an idiotic sister.” He snorts.

I release my hands from him, which he instantly pulls me towards him. “It was an accident and you need to forgive her sooner or later.”

Augustus buries his face into the crook of my neck, inhaling my scent deeply as if it is calming him down.

Suddenly, two heads emerge from the water. It is Isaac with a very pregnant-looking Aurora holding onto him. She has an annoyed look on her face until her eyes land on me. A smile is formed on her face.

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