Memories of Aurora

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Augustus does not say a word to me while we are walking back to the mansion. Yet, I can feel his pain and anger through the bond we share. He does not seem to realize it but his feelings seep into me like it is one of mine. It probably is, just added with Augustus’s burst of silencing emotions.

In his hands lay a limp lifeless Aurora. It makes my heart clench at how dry her scales look due to the long exposure to the sun. 

Me, on the other hand, is trying to keep the egg alive in my hands. It is difficult to believe that this egg is Aurora’s. It will take probably a few weeks before it hatches into a baby. What scares me is that the slime is coming out and the baby might die inside because of the lack of liquid. 

This is why I’m in the front, trying to move as fast as I can. I need to keep the egg alive. I need the baby to live. I need a part of what’s left of Aurora to live. 

Gasps is heard when we enter the territory. Many Minotaurs, witches and demigods stare at us in curiosity. 

Why can’t they mind their own business?

Mum opens the front door before I can attempt to knock. She stares at the football-sized egg in my hands and then at Aurora in Augustus’s arms. She cups her mouth in shock before moving to the side to let us through. 

“Melanie,” someone says when I walk past the living room. 

I freeze in surprise. “What the hell are you doing here, Nate? You’re supposed to stay away,” I hiss at him, lowering my voice at the last sentence. 

He adjusts a sleeping Victoria in his cradle. “I need to see you and everyone.”

“You and Victoria could have gotten killed!”

“But we didn’t! We’re here and okay,” Nate says, stressing on the word ‘didn’t’. “I’m sorry, Mel, but I need to at least see you for the last time before you… you…”

“I understand,” I cut him off, looking at mum from the corner of my eyes. She is busy talking to someone on the phone, probably about Aurora’s death.

“Is that mermaid dead?” Nate asks me softly, nodding a little at where Augustus is standing with clenched jaws. He has a blank face which scares me. I really hope he’ll move on. I hope he’ll let me in. 

Then I remember that I’ll be gone too. I’ll be joining Aurora in heaven or hell or whatever. 

After what we did last night, I can’t help but feel guilty. I have two days to make my life worth losing for. One of it is making sure that Augustus will accept my decision, although if he has no idea of it. 

“Yes,” I whisper in reply. “Did you tell mum about my fate?”

Nate shakes his head, keeping his eyes on Augustus in case he eavesdrop on us. I can very much tell that Augustus is not listening because his mind is filled with memories of Aurora. It is so strong that he sucks me into one of his precious with his sister.

“We need to keep walking, August,” Aurora urged her ten-year-old brother who was sitting on the bench and refusing to move. 

“I’m tired,” Augustus whined. “And hungry.”

Aurora looked as exhausted as her brother was. She knew that she had to keep themselves away from the city before sunset. She knew how dangerous the city was at night, especially with men lurking in alleys. Aurora shivered at that thought. 

Augustus, on the other hand, didn’t remember when was the last time they had a decent meal. All he remembered was his parents’ face when they told Aurora to get out of their house. Augustus didn’t want to stay alone in the house with his abusive parents so he went with her. 

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