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Thank you for being patient with me and my horrible writing. I know you were all eager to see Augustus and Melanie being together and me, being an evil author I am, made you wait as you watch their love bloom and find Mel died. This book is inspired by Divergent, TFIOS, The Host, The Walking Dead and many more that I can’t remember.  This book started in June 2014 and ended in February 2015 . It also has 118,950 words and 223 WORD  pages.

10 things you may or may not know about Gurney City.

1.       The name Melanie and Nate are from Stephanie Meyers’ The Host. Melanie is also my friend’s name although it’s spelt differently. Augustus is from TFIOS (which I’m pretty sure most of you know). Nicholas is my friend’s name, although he doesn’t know that I’m using his name without his permission. Rick’s and Beth’s name is from The Walking Dead, Celine is taken from Celine Dion. Mary, Bobbi, Lucy are some of the names that you suggested from The Hunter in Meadow Falls.

2.       Melanie’s original guardian animal is supposed to be a phoenix. I changed it into a Xiuhcoatl when I watched Ancient Aliens once and then did a research on them. (Plus, you pronounce it as ‘shy-wha-coat-l’)

3.       In the original plot, Nicholas and Cassandra Meridian or Lisbeth were not in it. It was supposed to be a world without Greek Gods or demigods or Medusa or the Oracle. However, I got a book of Greek mythology and I knew I must include them.

4.       Leo was supposed to be Melanie’s love; not Augustus. Well, plans changed!

5.       Melanie is less violent in this book compared to Meadow Falls. Love changes everyone, right?

6.       I keep reusing names in this book because I love the names like Anna, Cassandra and Nicholas. Usually two characters in this story have the same name.

7.       Melanie in her Laney MacKenzie appearance looks very much like me in real life. Including her taste in fashion sense. That way, if anyone of you see me in the streets and is pissed at me for the fake updates, you can always have the chance to slap me senselessly. (I’m just joking. Don’t do that, please!)

8.       Melanie drinks less Coke in this book compared to the last one, just like me.

9.       Melanie was never meant to get pregnant. She wasn’t, is not and will never be. Poor her, I’ve never even thought of her and Augustus having babies until now.

10.   This is the last book of the series and it is the third novel I have completed. This book and Meadow Falls is one of my worst ideas ever. I still don’t understand why you people love to read this book. Especially since it is like having a chicken to write. (It’s a Malay idiom thingy. If you understand, it’s cakar ayam. I know, it’s not the appropriate idiom to use but meh. Don’t worry, my Malay is way worse than my English. Be glad you have not read any of my Malay works.)

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