Win or Lose

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I stay in front of a weak Lina who is still in cat form as Augustus huffs, finding a way around me to get to Lina. I have to admit, it is thrilling to be a gigantic red snake that can

I hiss at him when he gets too close to my comfort and he replies with a growl and a step back.

He lowers head and bares his teeth at me, asking me to submit. I show my fangs, not wanting to back down anytime soon.


“I bet the dragon will win!”

“Nu-uh! I bet that flame snake will win!”

Lina limps her way towards me, knowing that only I can protect her. I glance at the crowd that is standing by the doorway, waiting for the action to start. Many HQ agent trainees are betting on who is going to win where as some are just watching Augustus and I.

Augustus uses my distraction to pounce on me and pin me down. I roar my fury as I wrap my scaly body around his huge dragon body, choking the life out of him.

He drops to his side, knocking the breath out of me. I have no choice but to loosen some grip on him. He growls at me when I once again face him.

“Augustus! Melanie! Stop!” Thomas yells, pushing his way through the crowd.

The both of us ignore him. In my head, I know I can’t win this fight. Augustus has the experience and time to bond with his guardian animal.

Me? I have zero experience and I received Anna just a few hours ago.

The huge blue dragon stands on his hind legs while spreading his large dark blue wings. He lets out an aggressive snarl, making me submit immediately.

I have no idea what just happened, but Anna seems to easily submit to him. I feel myself lower my head and whimper.

‘What just happened?’ I ask Anna.

‘I’m sorry, Melanie. His snarl is too powerful,’ she whimpers to me.

Before I can reply, Augustus once again jumps on me. Now that I’m distracted, he has his jaws around my neck. I whimper louder when he applies a little bit more pressure to my neck. I try to see whether Lina is safe, but all I can do is stare at the blue dragon and the ceiling.

“Augustus! Stop or you’ll kill her!” I hear Thomas yells again.

He does not listen, only biting further down until I can’t breathe. A part of me wonder if I’m really going to die this time. What about Nate? Or Cassie? Or Gwen? Will I ever survive to see the children grow up? Even if I can’t contact with them at all.

“Melanie! Fight it!” Lina screams. I twist a little to see a bruised Lina in human form with a paramedic attending to her wounds. Bobbi and Ella are by her side, also watching Augustus slowly killing me.

Why isn’t Director doing anything?

“Augustus, Aurora wouldn’t like this,” Thomas says.

That makes Augustus freeze. A second later, he releases me and takes a few steps away from me.

I lie on the floor, taking deep breaths.

“Are you okay, Mel?” Lia asks. Her face appears in my view.

I open my mouth, as if about to speak when a hiss comes out instead. I have forgotten for a second that I’m still in Xuihcoatl form.

Lina jumps back in fear.

“You owe me twenty bucks, man,” someone in the crowd says.

Another trainee groans out loud.

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