The Gang

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“Lina!” an Asian boy yells, waving us towards their table. Lina drags me towards the boy with a few other people sitting around. Thank God that I can get rid of the wheelchair.

All of them wear white attire too. Lina told me that white is a colour that HQ agents usually wear. Whenever the Director – Thomas – decides to have a meeting for hunters, HQ agents are supposed to act strict and ignorant in front of hunters. In reality, they are very fun people to hang out with.

HQ building is like a school, different areas for different purposes. After you finish training, HQ will start giving you assignments based on how well you do during training. Some are good with technology and stuffs like that. Some will watch on hunters. Others will protect the royals or gods and goddesses.

That’s so far what Lina told me. She said that I’ll learn more during training. She was surprised when I told her that Thomas will be training me. She said that only the ‘special ones’ will be trained by Directors. I still have no idea what so ‘special’ about me.

“So who is this pretty little thing?” the Asian boy says, giving me a wink. I notice his guardian animal is a snake. The snake is around Nero’s neck like a scarf, looking at me warily.

“Shut up, Nero. She’s too young for you,” Lina snaps at him. Nila, that is sitting on Lina’s shoulder hisses at Nero. Even the cat hates him! “Don’t mind my cousin. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes,” she tells me.

“I thought what we had was special, Li!” Nero says, feigning hurt.

Lina ignores her idiotic cousin and introduce me to her other friends.

“Melanie, meet Bobbi, Ella, Lucy and Tyler.” All of them have a tattoo and dark eyes except for me, making me really out of place. All of them are older than me as well. Bobbi is a girl with natural red hair with punkish look. She and Ella look like they’re in their early thirties. Bobbi’s guardian animal is also a cat, except that her cat is black with white paws. The cat is sitting on her shoulder, just like Lina’s Nila.

Ella is a brunette and looks like she loves chocolate since in front of her is a huge bar of Hershey’s chocolate. Her guardian animal is a fox. Initially, I thought her tattoo shows a wolf but the tail is too bushy. Since Ella’s tattoo is glowing, this means that her guardian animal is inside of her, just that she didn’t shift.

Lucy looks like the youngest in the gang with her dyed pink frizzed hair. If I were to guess, she would be in her early teens. I know that she couldn’t be that young though; perhaps she’s in her twenties or even thirties. Lucy has a mouse as her guardian animal. Her grey mouse is on the table in front of her, nibbling a small piece of cheese.

Last but not least, Tyler looks like the entertainment of the gang, other than Nero. He looks a little relax and laidback compared to Lina’s cousin. He has the typical surfer looks; golden hair that sticks out in all direction and stunning blue eyes. His hands have a glowing lion tattoo.

“Hello,” all of them say, except for Tyler who squeaks out a small “Hi.”

A young man who has geeky glasses on and a tattoo of a monkey appears behind me, startling me when he says, “A phone call for Melanie Meridian.”

“I’m Melanie.”

The HQ agent looks at me and nods. “It’s a phone call from Mary. Follow me.”

“I’ll save you a seat, lovely!” Nero tells me loudly with a huge grin.

Lina mutters something in Chinese, which I think they’re curse words.

 Author's Note

I'm sure some of the names are quite familiar, right? You remember the time when I asked you for some suggestions on names? Yeah.... *cricket sounds* Okay... Uhh, I shall go and sleep. Didn't have enough sleep last night and I'm practically a zombie right not. 





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