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“What do you mean we have more supernatural creatures on our side?” dad asks when he leads us into a room in the mansion which he claims is sound-proof. The only people in the room are mum, Augustus, Bibiana, Lina, and Nero.

I glance at Bibiana, knowing that I have to talk to her about Wendy.

“I’m sure Bibiana had informed you about the exchange program to Newborough,” I say. Bibiana and dad nods. “Great, I’m sent not only to protect just a Demigod. She is a – ”

Someone knocks on the door, making me growl in irritation at the distraction. I just want to get this out as soon as possible. Perhaps after I explain everything, my dad would allow me to tell the pack of the truth.

It will be difficult to do so without exposing my identity. After all, I’m dead.

“Sir! There’s someone outside wanting to speak to your daughter,” Bobbi tells dad.

I frown a little. Someone wants to speak to me?

“Who?” dad asks sternly. His posture is stiff. If whoever is out there is one of Thomas’s guinea pig, we’re toast.

“She wouldn’t say, Director,” she replies. “And she won’t show her face. She’s wearing a hood.”

Dad casts me a worried glance. “Tell whoever that – ”

“Dad, that’s okay,” I say, taking a step towards him. “Let’s just see who it is and how he or she knows that I’m here.”

Augustus grabs my hand instantly. “No,” he says coldly. “You’re not.”

I glare at him and shrug his hand off. “Yes, I can. It’s my life and I get the right to determine who I want to see.”

“That person itself could be Thomas!” Augustus growls back.

“Or it may not be him!”

Mum can’t take it and says loudly, “Enough you two. Why don’t we all go out and see who’s at the door?”

Dad’s turn to argue with mum. “No, Cassandra. I’m risking you and Melanie. I can’t lose you two.”

“Dad!” I say while mum determinedly say, “Nicholas!”

“I’m not a child, dad. I can take care of myself,” I defend myself. Dad still does not look encouraged.

“Like our daughter said,” mum tells dad with a look that can scare the whole room. Her hood falls off, revealing her hair. “We’re not defenceless. What’s the harm of just peeking?”

“Everything!” dad fights back.

“The point is, you two are not stepping out of this house,” Augustus adds in, siding dad.

Mum and I team up against dad and Augustus, arguing about our safety and the risks for about five minutes. Just before dad looks like he’s going to give up and let us go see the mysterious guest, Bibiana explodes.

“Quit bickering like little children!” she yells at us.

In a second, the whole room silences. It doesn’t stop mum and I from glaring at the boys. How sexist of them.

“Director, he’s gone!” Bobbi yells, running towards us.

Dad, mum, Augustus and I look at her and screams simultaneously, “What?!”

“I don’t know,” she stutters. “I went back outside only to see no one is there. There’s no scent left behind as well.”

“Did you leave the door open?” Augustus snarls at Bobbi, advancing towards her. Bobbi starts to shake at the sight of a very angry dragon shifter. “How could you be so stupid and irresponsible! Our world could end in seconds because of your carelessness!”

“Augustus,” I say, stepping in between Augustus and Bobbi, but facing Augustus. “It’s not her fault. Calm down.”

“Calm down?! How could I calm down when there could be someone in this bloody house with us?!” he yells at me. His eyes are turns darker every second pass.

“There is a chance that he just left or something…”

Augustus shakes his head hard and then breathes in deeply.

“Bobbi, call Lina and Nero,” dad orders her.

Not wanting to spend another second with Augustus in the same room, Bobbi runs to the Chinese cousins’ room.

I decide to take the matter into my own hands and walk out of the room. I feel a presence behind me, catching up so he can walk next to me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Evolved Lizard hisses at me.

“To see whether my guest is still out there,” I reply, not looking at his face. “And you can’t stop me.”

“Yes,” he says, blocking my path. “I can stop you.”

God, Augustus is quite handsome. His face shows concern and determination for me. He folds his arms across his chest, showing off his impressive dragon tattoo that I want to so badly touch.

Wait a minute.

Did I just called Evolved Lizard handsome?

I am insane. After saving the world and killing Thomas, I’m going to sign myself up for an asylum.

“Took you awhile,” a very familiar voice says that seems to be coming from the living room near the entrance.

Augustus and I snap our heads at the owner of the voice.

Standing in the middle of the living room is not one, but two people that I know so well. I grin at them, going to go over to them.

Unfortunately, a certain Caesar growls at them and holds my wrist from going towards them.

“Who the hell are you?” he growls.

Author's Note

Not my finest chapter, I admit. Look at the bright side, more Melagustus moments! Oh, and I want to clear some things up. Based on Greek mythology, Medusa is not killed by her own reflection but Jason killed her with the sword that is given by Athena. So, in this story, Cassandra is okay to look at her own reflection without turning herself into stone.

PS, I have an idea about a contest exclusively for you all. Maybe it's about writing any character from this book or THiMF one shots. It can be about the Meridians, or Rick and Cassie, or anyone really. Nay or yay for One-Shot contest?





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