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“Melanie!” Wendy screams in glee, running up towards me. “You’re alive? What happened? You just disappeared! Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving without me?”

Since Augustus has no problem with little kids, he lets her hug me and keep a steady gaze on the other figure. It is clear that it is a woman.

I’m just about to explain for myself, but the woman cuts me off. “It wasn’t her fault, Wendy.”

That voice. I know that voice so well. “Athena?”

The goddess turns to me with a smile. Wendy and Augustus have the same confused look plastered on their faces.

“Yes, dear. It looks like you found out the truth,” Athena states, looking at Augustus.

Augustus, not knowing that Athena is a goddess, growls at her. “What the hell are you?”

“Augustus!” I scold him. I can’t help but whack him across the chest. “You must never be rude to a goddess!”

“A goddess?” Wendy repeats.

“A goddess!” Augustus says in disbelief.

“A goddess,” Athena confirms with amusement coating in her voice. Slowly, she removes her cloak to reveal her face and her satin white dress.

“Forgive me, ma’am,” Augustus stutters. Sweat beads on his large forehead. No doubt that he fears for his life right now. “I didn’t know and – ”

“That’s alright, Augustus Caesar,” the goddess softly assures him. “Anyone would have done the same, especially at such sensitive time. Anyway, I am here to not just send Wendy to you, but to also assist you.”

“To get my brother back?” I ask with wide eyes. That’s all I want. No, I need Nate back. He’s my twin brother, best friend, confidante, all in one.

Athena is about to reply when a gasp is heard. All of us turn to see mum, dad and Bibiana staring at Athena and Wendy. Bibiana, though, is staring at Wendy with surprise and shock. For a second, I worry if she faints.

“Mum, dad, Bibiana,” I say. “Meet Goddess Athena and Wendy.”

Mum and dad look dumbfounded when they stare at Athena. They instantly fall to their knees and bow to her. Bibiana just keeps staring at her granddaughter.

“No, no. No need for that,” Athena tells them, hovering towards them and touch their shoulder. I see mum shrinking from her touch.

After all, Medusa was killed by the weapon given by Athena.

“I know the whole story, Cassandra,” Athena tells mum. It looks like she noticed how stiffened mum is. “It’s not your fault that you turn out this way.”

“Is there a cure for her?” I ask.

Athena glances at me. “There is a way. You need to have the witches on your side. The eldest witch has the knowledge to reverse your curse.”

“How are we going to find witches?” dad asks her.

Athena gives me a knowing smile. “You know someone who hunts witches, I’m sure she can lead you to the nearest coven.”

“Wendy,” Bibiana stammers out. It looks like she finally has the ability to speak again.

The ghost girl looks at me, as if asking me for permission. I nod. “Grandma,” her child-like voice croaks out. That’s the second family reunion in this house.

Bibiana runs towards her granddaughter and hugs the living daylights out of her.

“Oh, Wendy darling! You’re alive!” she says while crying.

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