Deciding Time

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“Daddy,” I sigh sadly when the eagle I’ve grown over the years has joined my father up in heaven.

I feel someone put their hand on my shoulder. I am about to chop off that person’s hand with my ninja skills when I realize that it is Thomas’s hand. He also looks sadden as he stares at the direction Predator was last seen.

“He’s in a better place now,” Thomas says, more like he’s talking to himself than me.

Bibiana clears her throat, gaining my and Thomas’s attention. “I should get to work now. Be back here in half an hour time, Director.”

Thomas nods. He turns to look at me. “No matter what guardian animal you get, don’t reject it. It is possible to reject it and remember that your guardian animal has been waiting for you ever since you’re born.”

I didn’t even know I can reject it. I have no plans to do so either. I’ve seen how close Lina and Nila are.

“I won’t reject it, Thomas,” I assure him. “No matter what.”

Thomas looks at Bibiana and regains his composure. He doesn’t look like he’s about to break into tears anymore; he looks like he’s ready to go to the battlefield. I notice his blue eyes are slightly darker.

“Half an hour,” Thomas tells Bibiana and walks out of the small room.

Bibiana gives me a smile. “I want you to go into that room, sit on the chair and make yourself comfortable,” she instructs, pointing at the door I did not realize is behind her clean desk.

Obediently, I walk slowly towards the wooden door and open the door, to see a white room with bright lights and a dentist chair in the middle of the room without anything in the room other than the chair. I can’t help but look around if there is anything that can jump on me and try to kill me.

Old habits die hard.

Once I’m comfortably seated, I patiently wait for the Bibiana. A part of me wonders why is this room dull and white. It looks like a prop from a killing movie where the victims can’t escape and die.

I really need another glass of Coke to calm my nerves.

My mind tries to entertain itself by guessing what kind of guardian animal am I going to have. Maybe I’ll have an eagle as well, like Predator. Or a tiger, like Anna. I’m almost sure that I’m going to have a predator animal so I can watch over hunters. If I do, I can watch over Nate!

Oh, Nate! If only he knows that I’m alive so he won’t beat himself up. I would have told him about dad’s guardian animal is Predator. I would have told him about the visit from the future. About his daughter Victoria, son Nicholas and youngest daughter Melanie.

If I do change the future by telling him everything before, would anything change? Would I be in this very room, about to retrieve my guardian animal? Would I be able to find love just like Nate? Would I watch my nieces and nephews grow?

I make a promise in my head that I’ll do whatever I can to protect Nate and his family after I graduate. Even if Mary is watching over him, it’s not convincing enough. I was so close to being dead if Mary and the other two shifters didn’t come in time.

“Melanie,” Bibiana says, making me jump in surprise.

I turn to see Bibiana next to me with a poker face. She looks old enough to be my grandmother. She wears a green dress with a feather in her hand. She gives me the feather.

“I’m sure you would like a piece of your father,” she tells me when she puts in on my palm.

I look down at the brown feather that once belonged to Predator.

“Thank you,” I whisper, grateful for her being caring.

Bibiana smiles. The kind of smile that reminds you of the old times. “You look so much like my granddaughter,” she says. “Anyway, I’m going to chant in latin which will call your guardian animal and inform her of your arrival. In the meantime, you’ll be transported into a different dimension with all the guardian animals and find her.”

“How will I know which one is mine?” I ask with a frown. I didn’t realize that I’m holding the chair handle tightly until my knuckles turn white.

Bibiana leans over and touch my hand, making me loosen my grip. “You’ll know it. Your guardian animal will lead you back here into the real world. I just need to warn you that when you’re back, you’re going to feel pain.”

“Pain?” I repeat. No one tells me of this!

She nods gravely. It seems as if she looks like she had seen people in pain to get their guardian animal countless times. After all, she is one of the last Deciders left in the world.

“Be strong and accept the pain. No matter what. If you don’t, it means you reject your guardian animal. You won’t die; your guardian animal will though. You won’t have another guardian animal because everyone has only one,” she explains to me.

I take a deep breath.

I have to accept the pain no matter what. This is my only hope to protect Nate.

“Are you ready?” Bibiana asks with raised eyebrows.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Bibiana takes a few steps back. I close my eyes when I hear her singing in an ancient language.

The next thing I know, I’m in a world entirely different from the one I’m used to.

Author's Note

Yes, I'm stalling again! Deal with it! Anyway, you'll find out about her guardian animal in the next update. I'm planning to write this book until 70 parts and finally be done with it! 





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