Mother Dearest

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“I cannot believe you’re alive,” I say to him. “I need explanation about all this. I thought you died in the Gurney Battle years ago! Why did you leave Nate and I? Why did you reappear now?”

Suddenly, I’m very angry. It feels like I’m being betrayed by everyone. I trust them and all they do is stomp my trust and give it back to me in unrepairable pieces.

“I’m really sorry for doing that to you and Nate,” my father says, looking down. “I think it’s best if you come inside. Goodness gracious, you’re freezing and wet! What happened?”

I glare daggers at Augustus who is casually leaning against the tree. “A certain dragon happened to push me in without a warning.”

Dad is about to say something when Predator flies past and sits on my shoulder just like he always did when I was still a werewolf hunter. Even if I know Predator is not human, I feel betrayed by him.

“Let’s get you in and changed,” my father says softly, putting his large warm hand on my shoulder.

I violently shrug his hands off me and take a step back. That makes Predator jump off my shoulder and land on dad’s one.

“No,” I say stubbornly. “I’m not going to move until someone tells me what’s going on!”

“Melan – ”

I stop Augustus from speaking by cutting him off. “No, Augustus Caesar. You are all at fault as well! You were supposed to get killed in the fire! What happened to HQ? Where are the others like Leo and Thomas?”

Almost instantly, everyone’s excited look disappears. I study all of their faces. Lina looks devastated just as the gang and Bibiana. Augustus has fury on his face, clenched fist by his sides. Dad is the only one who has a blank face.

“You are supposed to be dead too!” I accuse dad. “You were dead for seven years! Do you know how much Nate and I suffered all these years without you? What about mum? She’s dead, right? Like you’re supposed to be.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you what really happen,” dad says while looking into my eyes. It is as if he’s pleading me with his eyes. “I did what I have to do so please understand that I did it because I thought it’s best for all of us.”

“Best for all of us?” I repeat, almost screaming at him. “I didn’t know you were this selfish! What, first you think it’s a great idea to disappear on your children and then reappear after seven years, thinking that I’m going to forgive you?”

Dad looks at me with shock.

“No!” I continue before he can say anything. “Screw this! I’m going to go find Nate and tell him everything. He’s the only person I can trust.”

“You can’t,” Lina exclaims. “You’ll walk straight into his trap if you do something like that.”

I give her a glare. I don’t trust anyone except for Nate right now. Oh, Nate, where are you when I needed you?

“You.” I point a finger at Lina. “Stay out of this. You’re supposed to be dead too.”

With that, she flinches at how deadly my voice sounds. It is almost as if the hunter in me had risen and it makes me sound like I’m thirty once again.

“Calm down, Melanie,” dad orders, advancing towards me. I stand still, setting my eyes that are filled with fire on him.

“Calm down?” I ask and then laugh unamusedly. “How dare you tell me to calm down! Just tell me why you left and then leave me and Nate alone.”

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