The Day for the Two of Us

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I stare at the ceiling above me as I think of the days I spent with Lina. Sweet Lina is dead. The demons managed to rip her heart open when she was in combat last night while I was in a ball full of witches and vampires. After I heard the news, I just shut down.

Numbness is all I feel after mourning for her when Augustus took me back to the hotel. I slept with the uncomfortable ball dress in since I was too exhausted to even think of changing into my pyjamas. 

Three synchronize knocks on the door snap me out my thoughts.

“Melanie? Are you awake?” Augustus says from outside.

I do not answer.

“I know you’re awake. Let me in, please,” he pleads.

Once again, I do not bother to reply.

“Fine,” he growls suddenly. “Just listen to me then. I know you’re grieving over your friend, Hello Kitty, and she died protecting your mother. She died with dignity and honour. It was her choice to jump in between your mother and the demon. Now please, open the door.”

I turn my head at the direction of the alarm clock to see that it is ten o’clock in the morning. My stomach rumbles loudly, hunger clearly showing.

“Melanie, please.” His voice suddenly changes. He sounds exhausted.

With a long sigh, I drag myself out of bed and unlock the door. Augustus does not hesitate to open the door, seeing me still in my dress. He looks at me from my bare feet to my messy short hair. Then his eyes land on mine.

I look at his shiny hair that is still damp, indicating that he showered not long ago. His dark blue checker shirt and jeans makes him handsome. Concern is the only expression I am able to find that is plastered on his face.

He takes a step towards me. Both of our chests are almost touching. I can’t help but blush it how close he is.

“Take a shower, Mel,” he instructs. “I’m going to take you out for breakfast and we’re going to spend the whole day together.”

I look at him to see if he’s joking. Instead, I see seriousness. “What about Mary? Where is she? What about the vampires?”

“Mary is still at Ester’s house. She told me to tell you not to worry about it. She’ll talk to them.”

I shake my head. “We should help her.”

“No,” Augustus says sternly. “She said she will handle it. Plus, I owe you a date.”

I suddenly feel excited. My stomach churns in not just hunger, also nervousness. Then I remember Lina.

It makes me feel guilty that I’m here excited for my date while she’s dead. She doesn’t deserve this. No one deserves this except for Thomas and his puppets.

Augustus seems to know how I’m feeling because he wraps his arms around me and then pull me towards him. I bawl into his chest like a baby while he whispers soothing words into my ears.

“Hello Kitty is in a better place now,” he whispers when I cry even harder. My knees start to weaken as energy drains away from me. Luckily, Augustus manages to get a good grip on me and starts to lead me towards the bed.

He makes me sit on the foot of the bed. It feels like a few minutes have passed when I cry no more tears. My eyes are tired of crying. My heart is tired of being broken. I’m tired of this.

“Are you okay?” he asks when he notices that I’m silent.

I give him a weak glare. “Obviously not, Evolved Lizard.”

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