SPECIAL: Someone Else's POV

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Nate's POV

"She's still not found, sir," one of the pack warriors say as he bows slightly.

My shoulders slump unwillingly. I knew I shouldn't have had high hopes every time Alpha Green sends out a group to search for my twin sister, Melanie.

"Then what are you waiting for? Find her elsewhere! Maybe Great York or even Little Creek, I don't care! Just find her!" I snap at the five large werewolves that are bowing in front of me.

All of them scramble out of the door. After all, no one likes when a hunter is angry.

"Hell!" I curse when no one except for me is in the living room. I run my fingers through my messy black hair. It's been weeks since the attack of the rogues. Until this day, we have no clue of where my twin disappear to.

Without wasting any more time, I stomp my way towards the door and grab my rifle that Melanie has gotten me for Christmas.

It hurts to think of her. She has been there for me the past eighteen years. She is the only girl I care for, other than my mate Gwen, of course. But Gwen and I don't share a bond like Mel and I did. We were twins.

My eyes starts to get teary when I notice that I'm starting to address my twin sister with past tense now.

She's not dead, I think. Maybe the rogues kidnapped her. Or the hybrids changed her into a monster. Or wild animals eat her dead body...

I shudder at that very thought. There's no way she can get away alive with the amount of blood she lost that day.

Cassie was so furious with me that day. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday...

"Where do you think you're going?" Antoine says, blocking me from going out of the house.

"Out," I answer coldly as I try to walk past him, only for him to take a step aside, fully blocking me.

"My dad strictly told you not to leave the pack house," the future Alpha tells me.

"My sister is out there!" I yell at him. "I need to find her."

"You can't find her when you're blinded with rage and sorrow," Emma says, appearing behind Antoine. She has a huge belly now, just like Gwen.

"I don't care!" I say bitterly, walking past them but Antoine grabs my arm.

"Don't speak to your future Alpha Female like that," he growls at me. His eyes got darker when he says that. "The Alpha has ordered you to not leave this house and you will follow those orders."

"You don't understand!" I yell at him again. "That's my sister out there! She's my only family!"

Antoine doesn't move, making me even more angrier. I briskly walk back to the living room, where Gwen is eating ice-cream while watching the tape of our baby girl.

"She's beautiful, Nate," Gwen says without casting a glance at me. I put down the rifle as I walk towards the television. Gwen is right; my daughter is beautiful.

Victoria is going to be my daughter's name. I sigh as I imagine the future.

How am I going to raise a kid without her aunt?

At that very thought, I get angry again. Those hybrids do not deserve to live. Antoine and Alpha Green has no right to stop me from finding her.

Not disturbing my beautiful mate, I walk to our bedroom upstairs. It is a good thing out bedroom is nowhere near other people's room.

I silently enter the room and lock it. I take out my hearing aid and put it on the dressing table. I can't hear anymore, so no one can get into my way.

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