Percy Jackson tumblr post (Magnus chase, and Others) by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Percy Jackson tumblr post ( Thelonelyweirdgirl
What the title says** I Do not own any of Tumblr Post, Fanart, or anything else.
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Legends meet Demigods (Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians) by Linesk0123
Legends meet Demigods (Percy Line S. K.
What would happen if Percy Jackson meets Jack Frost and the rest of the guardians? What if Annabeth wasn't okay after Tartarus, with Nightmares hunting her time, both a...
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Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Teacher by samigirl101
Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Samantha
The Giant war is over and Percy Jackson is spent. Finally there's a chance he can be with Annabeth for a while and he eagerly awaits the summer they have planned togethe...
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Demons, Demigods and Hunters (Percy Jackson/Supernatural) by eatyourhartout
Demons, Demigods and Hunters ( Hartley Tor
Anna Colt is a semi retired hero. But before she retires she decides to go to Stanford. She meets two brothers; mortal hunters. What will she do? (OC character. Some c...
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Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓ by ClaireValdez
Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓by ❄ claire ❄
Another prophecy, another quest. Seven demigods enrol as students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. They're hoping to help the wizards and witches defeat...
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Fighting in Forks by meandabook
Fighting in Forksby meandabook
Alone. That's how Percy feels. After saving the god's once more he's left without the person he cares most for. Sally, not wanting to see her son struggle anymore decide...
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Olympus's Avenger by eatyourhartout
Olympus's Avengerby Hartley Tor
The Tesseract is missing. A rogue god is on the loose. Fury needs a response team. Who will join him? OC demigod character set during the Avengers movie. Post Giants Wa...
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Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Goes to Hogwarts) by Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Hi, I'm Nico di Angelo. On the outside I may look calm and maybe a little depressed, but on the inside I'm freaking out. Want to take a look? WHY?! The second Giant wa...
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The Demigod Spy; Book 1 by 5_m0re_minutes
The Demigod Spy; Book 1by Anonymous
|#2 in #voldemort| |#40 in #percyjackson| After returning home from the Giant War, Percy Jackson discovers that he has another evil grandfather: Lord Voldemort. And the...
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Raised on Olympus by Demigodsrthebest
Raised on Olympusby Tabby_Chia
The gods have decided to raise some of their children on olympus so that they can one day take over the council. Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel, Lenya, Thalico, Tratie, Chris...
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The Reluctant Hero by Samantha2611
The Reluctant Heroby Samantha2611
He stood on the balcony, watching the city below. His trained eyes flickered from one event to the next; the angry cabbie shouting for the traffic to move; the dog walki...
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Demigods at ... Hogwarts ? by _DamPercy_
Demigods at ... Hogwarts ?by PJO&HOO&HP Forever <3
After the war with Gaea, and the wizarding world defeated Voldemort the Big Three are sent on a quest as a favour from Chiron to his old friend Dumbledore to protect the...
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Percy Jackson truth or dare by dirtyheroesofolympus
Percy Jackson truth or dareby Free heroes
Percy, the seven and some of the other people in the demigod gang play truth or dare, but with a group of teens it's sure to get out of hand. ;) Warning some parts of t...
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Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemort by Poke_Master57
Percy Jackson: Grandson of Poke_Master57
Takes place after the Deathly Hallows and the Blood of Olympus Percy Jackson thought he could finally live a normal life. He was going to fail high school, be the captai...
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Finding Love in the Magic by ChickenGang50
Finding Love in the Magicby ChickenGang50
ALL CHAPTERS ARE BEING EDITED FOR GRAMMAR MISTAKES 1-10 SHOULD BE FINE BY NOW OTHER EDITS COMING IN SOON Percy and Annabeth had a good run, but when Percy breaks up with...
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lust ↠ jasper hale by coldapples
lust ↠ jasper haleby 彡 raghad 彡
in which she's the daughter of aphrodite who fall for her adopted vampire brother. [twilight-breaking dawn part two] [jasper hale x elizabeth cullen] [uncompleted]
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The Hidden Ones (REDO) by LunarArgenti
The Hidden Ones (REDO)by Lunar
What if you were raised by Olympians? At a young age Percy, Nico, and Thalia lost their mortal mothers, leaving their fathers to decide their fate. They knew that only t...
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Not Your Hero by DemonsFromAbove
Not Your Heroby DemonsFromAbove
Athena said Loyalty will kill him. Loyalty will kill. Maelstrom will destroy. Mystique will torture. He is Perseus, the worst of them all. ----/----/----/----/ His name...
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Percy Jackson: Secrets, Lies and Betrayal by IdkWhatToSay15
Percy Jackson: Secrets, Lies and JoieOcampo4
Secrets. That's what he keeps. Secrets that could tip the balance of war. Secrets that could end it all. Lies. That's what she says. Lies that saved her life. Lies that...
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Percy Jackson's Lost Sisters by princesses001
Percy Jackson's Lost Sistersby ShadowyNight
Misty and Brooke Jackson are twin sisters.They are orphans and their mom gave them away when they were born. What if Percy Jackson was their older brother? What if one d...
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