Torture and New Alpha

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Fine lips touch my very own lips. Almost instantly, I react by kissing deeply while getting lost in pleasure.

He breaks away with a chuckle. “Wake up, beautiful.”

“No,” I reply, turning away from him and snuggle deeply into the pillow. I can’t help but feel exhausted after yesterday’s events. Now that the Elementals are on our side, we have a chance of defeating Asmodeus.

“Come on.”

Augustus rips the comforter off me. Cold breeze hits my bare legs, making me shiver and pull myself into a ball. My eyes still refuse to open.

“Go away,” I tell him irritatedly.

“No,” he says in a high-pitch voice. I assume that he is mimicking me.

I scoff, trying to use my pillow as a comforter replacement. “You so do not sound like me.”

To my annoyance, he snatches my pillow as well. “Then get the hell up.”

Letting out a huff, I oblige and stretch until I hear my back cracking. He gives me a Cheshire smile as I scowl at him for ruining my beauty sleep.

“We’re going out. Wear something comfy,” he orders before slipping out of our room.

I grumble under my breath but do as he said. Some part of me feels giddy that just the both of us are going out. The other parts just want to throttle Augustus for waking me up and not telling me where we’re going.

Once dressed in my favourite jeans and a T-shirt, I walk down the stairs to see mum and dad watching TV in the living room.

“Good morning,” I greet them warily. The both of them have pure shock on their faces.

Only dad turns to look at me with a strange look. “Melanie… He’s right.”

“Who?” I question, angling myself so I can see what’s on the TV screen.

I recognize Tyler who is kneeling on his feet, looking beaten up. Blood covers almost half his pained face. He cries out loud as someone keeps kicking him in the stomach.

Bile rises from my stomach. Oh, poor shy Tyler is tortured because he was caught helping Eileen escape.

“How can the TV producers air this live?” I ask my father in horror.

Dad shakes his head. “Someone must have hacked into the system and try to warn all of us.”

“Crap,” I curse, my eyes glued on Tyler whom I originally nicknamed Leo. It is quite a shock to see that he looks so normal just yesterday. Now, especially since this video is live, he looks half-dead. “We have to go save him!”

“We don’t even know where they’re keeping him hostage,” Augustus almost growls. No doubt he’s not letting me out of my sight again. Not to mention my time is running out. Tomorrow is my last day and I’m determined to keep my loved ones safe.

I turn to glare at Augustus, but he is staring sadly at the gigantic oval egg that is in a large aquarium with water in it. I put my hand on his forearm, offering my touch of comfort. It doesn’t take the bond we have for me to know that he is sad that his sister is gone.

His sister who gave birth to a potential monster.

Sirens are much dangerous than mermaids. Mermaids tend to be gentler and friendlier. Sirens, on the other hand, sing to attract their prey. Their prey is commonly made up of sailors, but not necessarily. I have never heard of a mermaid-Siren interaction before and it worries me how Aurora’s baby is going to feed on.

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