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Sorry, to disappoint you, guys. Because this ain't an update. 

The point is, I am going to enter The Hunter in Meadow Falls for Watty Award 2014! (Yaaay!)

So how does it work? Well, it depends on YOU. Those who are addicted to Twitter and Facebook, do your thing and share or retweet the post I made with the hashtag #Wattys2014

My twitter account is @maggie10secrets so feel free to follow me. My Facebook page is Maggie10Secrets. 

It's just sharing and retweeting, not posting a new tweet or post. 

That's your duty, soldier! My job is to start editing that bloody book. *sighs unhappily*

So deal? 

PS, if The Hunter in Meadow Falls reach finalist or whatever, I'll cut you some slack and write Augustus's POV. Yes, it's bribing. 

Let's win this thing! 

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