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My Next Project

Okay, so this is how it works. I currently have three ideas and am planning to write it and post it on Wattpad. Now that my time is limited, I can’t write all three so I need your guys’ help. Your task is to choose only ONE of these options and comment it below your choice and why you think it sounds interesting. I can promise you that the grammar and everything is going to be better than Meadow Falls and Gurney City.

Option #1 : Equilibrium

Genre : Science Fiction & Romance

Description : “Without mistakes, there wouldn’t be history.”

                We lived in a world where two races of people live in harmony. Before, people from both races, Dark and Light, interacted with each other without the sense of insecurity. They understand one another despite the differences in their nature.

                Dated before everyone gained the ability to learn and speak in a way of communication, the Wall of Equilibrium has always been there with or without the acknowledgement of the two existing types of people. However, it was given its name after the day that changed history. Forever.

                Lights are the more human kind, that is if they are compared to Dark. They feel all emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, loneliness and love unlike Dark. Beyond their human exterior, Dark and Light has abilities that can tell them apart. Light feels what others feel yet Dark makes others feel.

                After finding out the powers that they wield, Dark began to misuse their gift to bully, threaten and even kill. Thus, ending the age of peace.

                It wasn’t long before the leaders of the two races decided to get together and make a treaty. The two races were to be separated and the Wall of Equilibrium was sealed. To this day, no one from light has seen no face nor hair of a single Dark person or vice versa.

                That is, until a strange murder of a Dark happened where the other race was involved.

Author’s Note : This is a story which I thought of a few months ago. I believe this story has a potential and it is different from what I usually write.

Option #2 : Full Moon

Genre : Werewolf & Romance

Description : “What are you doing out here?” he asks, grabbing hold of my arm. I stare at him and then up at the moon above us. The sight of the moon is bright, almost blinding. A sharp sound makes me cover my ear with both my hands.

                The only thing that I am able to concentrate is, I need to protect him. I need to get out of here. I need to protect him. I need to –


                My head snaps up so I can see the concern etching on his handsome face. He looks so pure. So innocent. I wonder why did he have to be so good. He doesn’t deserve to have a murderer as his girlfriend.

                “Please,” I manage to speak, prying his fingers off my forearm. My mouth is aching, canine taking over human teeth. The thought of my canines covered with his blood disgust me.

                “Please what? Nadia, what’s going on? Do you want me to get you to a hospital?” He’s freaking out and I don’t blame him. Unfortunately, there is no way of escaping the pain.

                “Listen,” I say strongly. “I’m not who you think I am. I’m not human.”

                He frowns, trying so hard to understand what I’m trying to say. My stomach is making backflips in me. Bones cracking and rearranging themselves so I fall to my knees. He is about to help me to my feet, but I stop him with a loud growl.

                He freezes in shock. I can feel the other side taking over.

                “Please, get out of – ”

                I can’t finish the sentence.

I don’t know words.

I am predator.

I don’t know the boy in front of me.

                What I do know for sure, is that he smells delicious.

Author’s Note : Now this is a story about forbidden love. The main character, Nadia, is a werewolf. Not the Twilight-kinda-thing werewolf but the olden scary out-of-control werewolf during full moon. Oh, and there’s no hunters in here.

So that’s all. Remember to comment your choice and tell me why you want me to publish it here on Wattpad. I’ll give you guys two weeks and then I’ll count the most favoured idea. MY new project lays in YOUR hands.

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