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“Come on, Mel! You’re not even trying!” Lina nags as I try to punch her in the face. She has the advantage of being short and easily duck away from my fist.

“You were a demon hunter so it’s not fair that werewolves are not as strong as demons,” I hiss as she kicks behind my thighs, making me fall to the ground. Instead of my face making contact with the training room ground, I use my hands before it can happen and spin and kick her legs, making her lose her balance.


Lina shouts some Chinese words. Judging on the look on her face, I’m pretty sure those words are curse words.

I jump to my feet just in time for Lina to pounce on me gracefully like a cat. I fall on my back with her on top of me. I growl in anger and kick her away from me. With a startled yelp, she flew off me.

“Not bad, werewolf hunter,” Lina mutters, stalking me like a predator.

I smile when we circle each other. A flash of memory invade my mind, remembering the first day of Nate and my kindergarten when we were 5.

‘Here is your lunch, Melanie,’ Mum said, handing me a paper bag that contains my lunch after she gave Nate his. I glanced at Nate to see him wearing the ridiculous kindergarten uniform and laughed out loud. He also laughed when he saw me in the dress-like uniform. Our uniforms were ugly with pink and white stripes.

‘Mummy, Melly wooks wike a fwower,’ Nate said, pointing at me.

I pouted. ‘Mummy, Nate wooks wike my pink cowour pencil!’

Mum burst out laughing. ‘You two look adorable! Come, give me a kiss before we leave the house.’

As requested, Nate and I kissed mum at both sides of her cheeks when she leaned down. Mum smiled and kissed us both back.

‘Alright, kids, get into the car. Don’t forget your bags!’ mum instructed.

Nate and I ran off to grab our bags. Mine was a pink Hello Kitty bag whereas Nate’s was a blue Thomas and Friends bag. Once our bag was secured to our backs, we race towards mum’s Acura NSX. Mum was listening to the radio when Nate and I climbed in. She drove off towards our kindergarten.

‘Good morning, Little Creek! This is Josh Kelly here at the studio. It’s a Monday in September, 2001! You know what that means, kids, back to school!’ the radio blasted out. The deejay kept talking about school and stuffs like that before we finally reach our little kindergarten. I peeked out to see kids hugging their parents while hugging, happily entering the kindergarten, some parents talking to the kindergarten teachers.

‘Mummy, I don’t want to go,’ I whimpered, all of a sudden feeling fearful and vulnerable. I didn’t feel safe without my parents.

Mum turned around when she parked the car. ‘Listen to me, darling, Nate will be there with you. If you are scared, find him. He will be there for you. Nate, stick to your sisters at all times.’

‘Yes, mummy,’ the both of us said.

Mum smiled with tears forming in her eyes. ‘I’m so proud of the two of you!’

I couldn’t remember much after that. I remembered sticking at Nate’s side at all times during class. The teacher asked us to introduce ourselves.

I remembered my first friend…

‘Hello!’ a cheery girl with bouncy brown hair said when Nate and I entered the class. I barely hear the teacher telling us to pick our seats. It was a shame that no two empty chairs are next to each other, causing me to cry. I cried because I didn’t want to be separated from Nate.

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