A Meeting with Director

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“Come in, Mary,” Director’s familiar voice says. Mary opens the door and pushes me in since I’m still confined to a wheelchair. It is irritating that where ever I need to go, Mary will have to follow me.

“That’s her?” an unfamiliar deep voice hisses. I frown in confusion.

“Yes. You should go and train before we leave for Great York,” Director instructs sternly. I have never heard Director sound like this before. Well, except during the meet up between werewolf hunters and vampire hunters.

Director looks just like I last saw him. He has white hair since he’s in his sixties and stunning blue eyes. He’s the only HQ agent that I know has blue eyes which can strangely turn dark. I’m still wondering how is it possible.

A teenage boy stands in front of Director, who looks slightly older than me glares at me. He has dark eyes, just like all HQ agents, except that I can see anger in them. He also wears white attire. White shirt, white pants and white shoes. Since he’s pale and his attire is white, he looks like a dangerous guy. He’s the only HQ agent that folds his sleeves, exposing his tattoo that starts from his right upper arm until his wrist. It is a dragon tattoo.

What did I ever do to him to make him angry at me?

The dragon tattoo dude walks past me and out of Director’s office.

“Melanie! It’s nice to see you again!” Director says.

It is weird to hear him say my name instead of ‘85’.

“You too, uh, Director,” I say awkwardly.

He laughs. “Call me Thomas, Melanie. Have you contacted Jonathan, Mary?”

“Yes, Tom. He’ll leave for Great York in a few hours’ time, just like you asked.”

Thomas nods. He has a hard look when he says the word ‘Great York’. I wonder if there is something going on in Great York.

“You can leave with Augustus, Mary. Make sure Jake and Jane does not try to rip the apartment apart.”

Mary chuckles when Thomas says that. Even Thomas has an amused look.

“I will try, Tom.” Mary turns to me. “I’m going to go and check on your twin brother first. If you want, I can call you to tell you how he’s doing.”

I nearly burst into tears at the thought of Nate. God, he’s going to blame himself. I really do hope that Cassie and Gwen can knock some sense through that thick head of his.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

Mary disappears as soon as I say that.

“You know, Mary used to be a witch hunter,” Thomas says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. My eyes widen when he says that. I know that witches do exist. My future nephew and niece stole a potion from a witch to visit me in the past. I just didn’t know that there are witch hunters. “Yes, witches exist,” Thomas says when he notices my surprise.

“What other supernatural creatures do exist?” Might as well ask now so I won’t be more surprised later.

“Werewolves, vampires, witches, mermaids, angel, demons, Minotaurs, gods and goddesses,” Thomas lists. “There are many many more, but most of them are rare.”

I take a deep breath as I ask the first question that has been haunting me since my last trip to the HQ building.

“What are you?”

Thomas smiles and stands up. He rolls up his sleeves to show me his tattoo. His tattoo also stops at his right wrist, but the design is different. It looks like a –

A sabre-tooth tiger.

“I’m a shifter,” Thomas announces. “All HQ agents are shifters.” 

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