Meeting Eleanor Again

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Augustus trails next to me while I walk around the city of music. Now that I’m back here, I should really get Lina a souvenir since she asked for it weeks ago and I have forgotten all about it.

“Where are we heading?” he asks me, keeping a lookout for any suspicious activity. Many humans mind their own business, but the homeless would give Augustus and I the stink eye whenever we walk past them without giving them any money.

“Just walking around,” I answer without looking at him. “Newborough is a huge place so Eleanor and Caleb can be anywhere.”

Along the way, I had explained everything to Augustus so he won’t be confused. He knows that Eleanor and Caleb are Minotaurs. He also knows about Mr. Muller.

“Are you sure you know where you’re going? I don’t want to lose my car,” he says.

I roll my eyes at him. All he cares about is his car.

“Don’t worry about your precious car, Augustus,” I tell him.

“Why don’t you own a car?” he asks me. “You’re eighteen and you can drive.”

“I used to have a Ferrari. It even has a boost button and all since it was a limited edition. The only reason I got a car is because of Nate.”

He gives me a confused look. “Why? Even if he was still deaf at that time, he was able to ride a motorbike, right? I mean, I have heard of a group of deaf people riding motorbikes like gangsters.”

Surprised, I look at him. “Really? Wow, I didn’t know that. I would have, but I was a little paranoid. Ever since he lost his hearing, I had always been looking out for him. I suppose you can call me overprotective. I thought that it would be safer if I buy a car instead so I can drive him to anywhere without him getting hurt.”

“I would do the same thing with Aurora if she was deaf too,” he assures me.

I smile. “Thanks. You know, I have always wanted a motorbike. A Harley-Davidson. Maybe when I have the time, I can finally buy myself one.”

At least I can enjoy my last days with riding my dream motorbike, I sigh inwardly.

We walk in silence around the city. I barely remember the roads, but once we reach my former school, I remember the map in my head. Straight away, I lead Augustus to the music store where Lisbeth, Caleb and Eleanor usually hang out at. Lisbeth mentioned to me once that there is a studio above the music store that the three friends rent and jam out there.

“Bingo,” I say when we finally reach the music store. It looks like it is our lucky day because I see Eleanor inside, bobbing her head to some music she’s listening to.

“Is that one of the Minotaurs?” Augustus asks me in hushed voice.

I nod and walk into the store with him following behind me. The store is empty, except for a sleeping cashier at the counter. The cashier is human so it’s best if nothing ugly happens here and now.

Eleanor does not pay attention to her surrounding since her world revolves around music. Augustus tenses up for her reaction as I tap on her shoulder.

Eleanor’s eyes snap open in surprise and turn around so fast that I can smell the shampoo of her hair.

“Melanie?” she says in shock when she realizes it’s me, putting down the headphones. I notice an empty album in her hand. “What are you doing here?” Then she stares at Augustus with a gapping mouth.

“We’re here to talk to your Alpha. It is important,” I tell her, snapping her out of her daze.

Eleanor narrows her eyes at me. “Why do you need to see the Alpha?”

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