No More Purpose

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We keep moving forward despite the dark and lack of transportation. Every now and then, I would look back to see if they are still chasing us. Eileen looks like she is about to collapse anytime soon.

Now I regret not bringing Tyler along or else we wouldn’t be stuck in this forest. We are still in Great York so I am clueless whether we are going the right direction or the opposite.

“Augustus,” I whisper to him through our bond.

“Mel, what happened?” Even if it is through our minds, he sounds mentally exhausted.

I glance at Eileen and stop her by saying, “We should stop for the night.”

Eileen instantly looks at me with disbelief. “We’re running out of time! Asmodues could catch up with us and then we’ll be sent back to that hellhole. I can’t take it anymore. I need to see my baby.”

“I know,” I console. “But you look half dead and you might slow us down instead.”

“Melanie,” Augustus growls in my head. “Where are you?”

“In the woods. Great York.”

“We have to keep going,” Eileen argues.

I can feel waves of anger coming from Augustus. “How did you get there? Wait, don’t answer that. It has something to do with that kidnapper, right?”

“I know we have to, but we need to take a break,” I tell the Decider.

A headache is starting to form. It is difficult to concentrate on two people at once.

I nod, but then forget that he can’t see me. “August, we were wrong about Tyler and Thomas. They were compelled so they look like the bad guys. They were the ones who stole guardian animals which caused the mysterious deaths among humans.”

He is silent, no doubt processing the information I provided. “So who were the compelled by?”


“They can catch up to us,” Eileen says shakily. “I don’t want to go back there. They used me like I am nothing but a piece of trash. They are making soldiers through me.”

I ignore Augustus and pay full attention to Eileen. “What do you mean?”

Eileen looks around as if to see if anyone is eavesdropping on us before she tells me, “Thomas and Tyler were just an experiment at the beginning. Soon later when Asmodeus found a way to control them, he ordered his undead followers to take control of each shifter. My purpose was to open the portal and make sure that the humans pick strong guardian animals, especially rare ones.”

“So once the humans become shifters, Asmodeus’s followers will take control of the shifters and make them fight?”

“Mel!” Augustus snaps.

“There is only one way to stop the shifters,” Eileens says gravely.

“How?” I ask.

“Melanie Meridian, if you keep ignoring me so help me…” Augustus growls.

 “Death,” the Decider answers with a dark look crossing over her face.

“Can you shut up for one minute please? I have Bibiana’s daughter with me and we’re trying to get out of this damn forest. It’s not helping me that you and her are talking simultaneously!” I hiss at Augustus.

He stays silent for a while, so is Eileen. Augustus is getting over his shock while Eileen assumes that I am thinking about what she told me.

“How are we going to get out of here?” I moan, placing my hand on the bark of a tree.

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