SPECIAL: Someone Else's POV

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Nate’s POV

I open my eyes to see myself in the same white room that I have been in since… the day I leave for Great York.

“Hello?” I yell, looking at the black glass in front of me which I know they’re watching me. “Whoever you are, tell me what you want and let me go! My fiancée is pregnant and she’s going to be in labour anytime soon! Is it money you want? I got it!”

As usual, nothing happens. The small room has nothing but me and the stupid window. I can’t even tell whether it is day or night. I don’t know who kidnapped me and what they want from me. The white light is on ever since my first day in here. It never switches off, even when I’m asleep.

No one has entered this room except for a teenage boy with a lion tattoo who serves me food.

I look down to see myself strapped to a metal chair. They’re even smart enough to bind me with thick ropes that are usually used by fishermen to catch fishes. I’m lucky they didn’t stuff anything into my mouth to shut me up.

“Please let me go,” I say again.

Nothing happen. I try to move once in a while, but it is difficult to do so. I’m getting sore by staying in this sitting position for days, if not weeks.

For the last few days, I have been thinking whether these kidnappers have something to do with revenge. Maybe they’re after the pack and they’re using me as hostage. Or perhaps they’re going to kill me later since I’m a hunter.

Every day, I always pray that Gwen and the pack is not hurt by whoever these people are.

I miss Gwen. I miss the soft smile that she always gives me whenever I kiss her. I miss the feeling of excitement and proud when I touch her baby bump.

Oh God. She may be going into labour now and I would not be there to witness the birth of Victoria.

“Hello!” I yell desperately. If only I’m situated by the wall, I would hit my head backwards on the wall over and over again. I want to feel something. Anything, as long as I keep myself sane.

All of a sudden, the door at my right opens. I turn to see the same boy with the lion tattoo, with a tray of food and drink on it.

“Please,” I tell him every time I see him. As usual, he ignore me and walks over in front of me. “Please let me go.”

He does not reply, only scoop a spoonful of mashed potato and stuff it into my mouth.

I cannot take it anymore and spit the food into his face.

“Are you deaf or what? What is it that you want, huh? I promise you I can get you anything you want! Just get me the hell out of here!” I yell at the boy.

His face hardens. This is the first time I have ever seen him with emotion. Slowly, he puts down the tray and wipes the food from his face with his hands.

“The pack will find you,” I vow. “They’ll kill you for what you have done.”

The boy stands and then leans in towards me. No matter how much I want to headbutt him, he holds my chin, preventing me from doing so.

“We don’t need anything from you,” he says in a low and dangerous voice. “All we need is you.”

For a moment, I’m paralyzed with shock. This is the first time he speaks to me.

“Why?” I ask.

The boy pulls back and then smirks. “You’re going to help us find your mother.”

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