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Melanie's POV

Three weeks later...

I wake up to the smell of the familiar burning joss sticks that Lina uses every morning to pray. She told me once that it is a Chinese thing. I can't say that I like the smell.

Getting up, I look at the clock to see that it is 7.30 in the morning. At least I have another half an hour before my class with Director.

Thomas does not allow me and Augustus to be in the same room after the duel. I still see him in the cafeteria during meal times but we are never too close.

Cleaned and dressed in my usual white pants and white blouse, I grab my thick books of mythology and open the door to see Leo about to knock the door. "Good morning, Lanie," he greets me.

I smile. "Good morning, Leo."

Together we walk towards Director's office. There are a few HQ agent trainees that passed by us on their way to class. I notice most of them are staring at me.

Ever since the duel with Augustus, I tend to attract many people's attention.

Leo stops all of a sudden. "Do you think you can walk from here? I need to see someone."

I shrug. "I think I can. I have been walking the same path for the last few weeks," I assure him.

He gives me a bright smile. "Thanks. Stay out of trouble, Lanie."

When he starts to walk away, I shout in reply, "No promises!"

His chuckles echoes through the hallways. Now that the hallway is empty, I quicken my pace, wanting to be in Director's office before I'm late. So far, I have never been late and I don't want to know the punishment for being late.

"How much left?"

I stop when I recognize Thomas's voice. He sounds close. Curiously, I follow the direction of his voice.

"About 5 percent left in Great York, sir. The hybrids wouldn't stand a chance," another voice says.

I see a door ajar, where the voices are from. I peek to see Thomas and two men with white coats talking. The room is dark, but I can see clearly with my heightened vision. The two men are sitting in front of their computers where as Thomas stands in between them.

"Excellent. How are the agents that I sent?" Thomas asks, pointing at the huge projector on the wall in front of them with many red dots and few green dots. I recognize the map of Great York.

"Disoriented, but good in health. It might take them a few hours to regain consciousness," the other man says.

"How is the serum so far?"

This time, no one answers Director. I can almost sense their fear.

"Well?" Thomas asks impatiently.

The man who spoke first stutters, "We aren't - aren't able to find the perfect formula, sir. We need a blood sample in order to make a new serum."

Thomas does not answer, but I can see him shaking in anger.

"Sir?" the same man asks hesitantly.

"I don't care whether the formula is not perfected! I just want the serum to be done! You have been working on this project for more than ten years, Doctor Solomon and Doctor Galileo and you dare tell me that we have absolutely no progress?!" Thomas says harshly.

What the hell are they talking about?

"Due to all respect, sir, but the only ones who do know the formula has - "

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